Kuragehime 8 – The Joys of Being an Entrepreneur

Damn, Chieko definitely has some skills!

Impressed as always with Kuranosuke; the guy’s quite sharp and has a solid mind for business. It’s not really a stretch to imagine him becoming a decent figure in the fashion world someday. He has family backing (and the money to go along with it), fashion sense, the smarts to zero in on how to market something, charisma, the force of will to stand up for himself and others and so on. They’re still a long way from being able to outright buy the apartment building, but if I were one of the Nuns, Kuranosuke would give me the confidence that it could be done, even if it is clearly a longshot, to say the least.

(But who knows how the dress-making idea will turn out?)

And at least the Nuns (or some of them, anyway) at least tried something this time around. The signs were dumb, but it was something, and Chieko did a lot of heavy work making the jellyfish dolls. And of course Tsukimi couldn’t help but get into it as well because she loves those jellyfish so very much~ Anyway, yeah, even though in the grand scheme of things this little venture does not amount to much, it’s at least positive development for the Nuns. I don’t want to see them make excuses for themselves and guilt trip Kuranosuke when they have a home for which to fight. I’m as big a geek as anyone, but if it were a choice between my home and my stuff, I’d sell my stuff pretty damn quickly.

It’s not about being harsh on the Nuns for me — I want to see them stand up for themselves and fight for what they have! I don’t hate on fellow geeks for no reason; I just don’t want to see them do harm to themselves (and lash out at others) because of their passiveness and social awkwardness.

. . . Although scenes like this make it clear why Kuranosuke has to hold the Nuns’ collective hands so much in this whole “Let’s save the apartment!” plan. Man, that’s dumb . . .

The other big development is in the Inari/Shuu front, where Inari busts out the blackmail to get Shu on a date and then makes with the moe to melt his heart and get him on her side. Solid audible on her part to shift her appeal a bit to better match Shuu’s weak points. I wonder if she’ll get desperate soon, though, since it seems as if she and the company she works for want to close the deal as soon as possible. Will Shuu get a for real bed scene?!

And then there’s another unknown wrinkle with the guy Hanamori hired to tail Inari. (Don’t remember the guy’s name, but I think I shall refer to him as Midget Hulk Hogan, shortened to the Hulkster for convenience.) Not really sure how the Hulkster is an unknown entity, however, since he is standing out in the open when he keeps an eye on Inari. He doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that he is snapping photos of her, haha. I thought women in anime were hypersensitive to that sort of thing; at the very least, most anime women would have beat the shit out of the Hulkster the moment they hear the camera’s click. Hm.

Hulkamania is running wild, brother!!


One Response to “Kuragehime 8 – The Joys of Being an Entrepreneur”

  1. The nunz are dumb. Their attention span stop with the obsession with whatever they are into. They were ready to give up the apartment if it wasn’t for Kuranosuke. The pissed me off but made me laugh too

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