Bakuman 11 – The NEXT Step

Poor Miyoshi. She tries so hard, and yet all Takagi can do is think naughty thoughts while he focuses on his manga.

And yet this little bit is OVER 9000 times more interesting than Mashiro x Azuki will ever be. At least Miyoshi has half a personality. What the fuck does Azuki have? “Oh, if she gets with Mashiro now she will focus only on him and not her dreams!” What the fuck? Learn some moderation. That’s not deep love; that is just creepy. If I ever obsessed over a woman to that point, I’d hope she would have the sense to report me to the cops. What’s going to happen when she actually becomes a seiyuu? Is she going to just drop everything and fawn over Mashiro all day? Yikes.

But that’s enough about the romance, because it is really insufferably boring at this point. When even a total sap like me is reacting like, “DEAR GOD WHEN WILL THIS FUCKING END” then there is a problem. I am pining for Sawako x Kazehaya at this point. That’s how lame this is. Sawako and Kazehaya move so glacially that walking home together is a big epic moment for them, and yet that is ten thousand times the romance this is. Oi. From now on, I think I will pretend that it just does not exist.

So instead of that nonsense, here is Nizuma in a pimping suit. Isn’t that awesome? I can’t even see him as an antagonist anymore, if he ever really was. He’s someone for whom Mashiro and Takagi can aim. So what? Doesn’t mean he is actively bad or anything. The kid is too goofy for me to hate him. He chases crows, plays with jet planes and pumps out 50-page manga one shots. How could you hate this guy? He’s living the dream, people. He’s living the dream.

It just seems to me that Mashiro and Takagi are building Nizuma up in their minds as this horrible, hateful person who is mangablocking them at every turn, trying to DENY THEM THEIR DREAMS, MAN, and they’ll be pretty shocked if/when they finally meet him in person. For now, though, they’ll have to be content with getting into NEXT and hoping for the best from there. The whole “Let me cut one manga I don’t like!” thing is probably a big tease that Nizuma will cut Mashiro and Takagi’s work, but I doubt it actually happens.

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