Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 12: GIANT F’ING ROBO

(This is my first entry in this year’s 12 Days of Anime series. Be sure to read what everyone else is putting out!)

In many ways, 2010 was the year of Yasuhiro Imagawa for me, because I saw for the first time many of this great director’s works. None was a greater experience for me than Giant Robo.

There’s a lot to love about Giant Robo — so much, in fact, that choosing a single moment from this OVA was a hell of a challenge. But I decided to go with something that to me represents the pure spirit of Giant Robo: The introduction.

It’s an old-fashioned, pulpy thrill ride of an introduction, set in “a future to come”, pitting the Experts of Justice against the dastardly BF Group (“Everything for Big Fire!”), who look members of the KKK who have somehow infiltrated the government. And then out come the GIANT LASERS, HUGE ROBOTS AND CRAZY WEAPONS WAGING MASSIVE DESTRUCTION ON THE CITY. Each intro features a different set of mechas destroying the landscape; my favorite is the vaguely Egyptian robot that blows shit up with, um, light bubbles or something. Always made me laugh. Then the Experts of Justice swoop in and show off a bit, letting the audience know just how badass they are before Daisaku and Giant Robo close things off.

How could you not want to watch Giant Robo after seeing that intro? It’s big, loud and awesome, and it has stuck in my mind ever since seeing it. And I’m totally going to watch it at least 10 times before the day is finished.


8 Responses to “Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 12: GIANT F’ING ROBO”

  1. There’s also Gin-rei, who is remarkably the only feminine presence in the whole thing (Blue face is manly GAR of awesome wife person).

  2. I too watched this not that long ago and I gotta say I have the same feelings towards it you do ^__^ That intro is to die for ❤

    Everything for Big Fire!


    Also, have you seen this video? Quite handily shows us Giant Robo characters, and from which Mitsuteru Yokoyama manga they came from.

  4. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

  5. ottocycle Says:

    Best damn anime roar now and forever.

    The sparkles attack is not just a light show! (Yes I was laughing so hard at it too)

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