Star Driver 11 – What a Cheater!

Two against one isn’t fair, my ass. He’s the Galactic Pretty Boy! He should be able to defeat two people in one Cybody without much trouble! What kind of Ginga Bishounen would he be if they defeated him? Really, I think Sugata is just showing off at this point. He’s always way too eager to use the King’s Pillar to “help” Takuto. And, really, is it any surprise that Sugata’s help involves making Takuto’s swords bigger?

Jokes aside, this was actually one of the more enjoyable episodes of Star Driver. I’ve said it before here, I think, but I enjoy characters seeking vengeance. It gives them an interesting focus. Especially when the vengeful person in question waits as long as possible to get his or her revenge and puts together the pieces of a plan. Simone is working undercover for the woman she despises, and she probably spends her days seething in anger while she fetches towels or whatever else she does. But it will all be worth it once she topples Mrs. Watanabe.

And what better way to do so than by beating her at her own game? An upstart maid becomes the leader of the Glittering Crux and turns the tables, becoming the master instead of the servant. The woman who knows control suddenly will not have any. And if Simone is able to rule from on high with Takashi at her side, then so much the better. But, of course, we’re not even halfway through the series yet, so there is very little chance their plans come to fruition yet, and they do not. Oh well.

Love the ending, too. For all the potential sexual titillation Mrs. Watanabe puts on display, she actually is a romantic, isn’t she? She teases, but she doesn’t cheat on her husband; really, she’s much more likely to be found reading in a chair than sleeping around. She uses her Cybody to save a kid her own age. (How many people outside the universe of this high school are aware of these things??) She allows Simone her revenge fantasy because it sounds like something straight out of a potboiler story. And Simone of course remarks that Mrs. Watanabe sounds as if she really does want peace instead of power for herself.

And I also love Simone’s reaction upon realizing what kind of person Mrs. Watanabe is: She hates her even more.

Simone’s dedicated her life to getting revenge on someone who probably does not deserve to be hurt that much — someone who actually seems to do plenty of good in her life. And what does Simone do? She spends her time trying to undermine someone who is not only her master, but who also saved her life once upon a time. Simone probably feels pretty shitty about it afterward; however, she has spent so much time despising Mrs. Watanabe that this revelation just intensifies that hatred. It’s great.

3 Responses to “Star Driver 11 – What a Cheater!”

  1. adaywithoutme Says:


    I hate this show…

  2. I think Star Driver is coming together nicely. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy this show from jump, but so much of what revolves around Takuto is interesting and entertaining. All these little stories of people are adding up. Kanako is also a perfect example of the dilemma of trying to categorize the conflict going on here. The Glittering Crux doesn’t necessarily come off as villainous. And Kanako isn’t a bad person from the looks of it. What are her intentions? …Well that will be seen soon enough.

    Whether the members of the Glittering Crux be petty or chivalrous, I find most of them entertaining. It makes you wonder. Is the overall goal really a bad thing? Or are they just trying to attain something they’re not allowed to have. I’m looking forward to the answers whenever they show up.

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