Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 8 — Remembering Love

Along with being the year of Imagawa, 2010 was also the year of Macross for me — specifically, it was the Summer of Macross, seeing as I blew through the entire Macross canon that season. Of them all, I loved and appreciated the original series the most, but I do have a special place in my heart for Macross: Do You Remember Love?

The story is rather skimpy and doesn’t make sense in certain places unless you have seen the TV series (which gives DYRL something in common with 99 percent of TV anime –> movie adaptations), but as pure, awesome visual spectacle? My god, it is glorious. It is also glorious in giving the audience a Minmay everyone can get behind, which makes the titular sequence all the more affecting.

This scene is crafted to be as melodramatically ironic as possible — Minmay sings a heartfelt, somewhat cheesy love song from long ago to bring opposing sides together (in kicking ass); she pours her heart into this song after gracefully stepping aside when Hikaru and Misa get together. A heartbroken woman singing a simple love song on a galactic scale. Definitely the kind of scene Shoji Kawamori must have had in mind when he conceived of Macross as “a love triangle set against the backdrop of great battles”. Minmay loses her battle and sets out to win a war.

Only Macross could dare to do something as cheesy as this and pull it off. And for that, I love it.


14 Responses to “Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 8 — Remembering Love”

  1. This year was the year of macross for me as well. (gundam too but that’s a whole different beast) The wintertime is when I attacked Macross. Totally agree with you. The delicious cheese is amazing!

  2. I liked Macross 7’s Fleet of the Strongest Women. Everyone was sucking to Minmay (just like the blogosphere), and Basara was like, fuck that, I’m doing things MY way.

    • Don’t most people hate Minmay? I never got the impression that she was widely beloved among anyone except ghostlightning.

      • I don’t hate Minmay but I don’t care that much about her either XD

      • Minmay is always popular within the Macross universe. Minmay and Basara are polarizing characters to the Western fandom, but are my number 2 and number 1 favorite characters overall and for all time hehe.

        For some reason, nobody hates Sharon Apple.

        • Yeah, Minmay is popular within Macross but not popular over here … I think she’s pretty popular within Japan, though, right? Which is why they tried to strike gold with Ranka by making her Minmay-like. (Ranka even kind of SOUNDS like Minmay, don’t you think?)

          • Yes Minmay AND Basara are pretty popular in Japan. The Minmay haters in the west are forever scarred by the Robotech treatment of her (amazingly bad).

            Macross Frontier remembered love for Minmay this way:

            Ranka = SDFM Minmay
            Sheryl = DYRL? Minmay

            Simple, but elegant. Sheryl also benefited by having BOTH Sharon Apple AND Basara elements in her act. It’s just not fair LOL.

      • Minmay is the rare character whom I hate because I want to love them so much. Minmay was my original favorite when watching Robotech, but she was, well, just such a damn stupid bitch. But hey, real love is about accepting someone’s bitchy side because you love their good side, right? But I can’t love so strongly.

  3. These moments (or really, vast amounts…) of camp crossing swords with loveliness or excitement, that’s definitely what Macross is all about for me.

    • Yeah, Macross has a unique appeal. I don’t even know how to term it. It’s not quite so bad it’s good (because the shows are actually well crafted), but there are so many campy, cheesy moments . . . Macross is an entity all its own lol.

  4. DYRL is also legendary for its shocking cruelty. You have Kakizaki, and then that unfortunate joe who gets decapitated while Minmay is singing, lol.

  5. DYRL indulges in beautiful spectacle and is so unabashedly romantic. It’s not just my favorite piece in the Macross franchise (continuity be damned), but easily one of my favorite movies period.

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