Kuragehime 9 – So Much Misunderstanding

A bit of kyaa~ for the KuraKimi crowd. :p

I wonder how closely Kuragehime is hewing to the manga? Asking because with two episodes remaining, I’m not quite sure how much will be resolved! The romance is all in a tangle (though I don’t expect the issues with Inari to remain when the show ends), and the situation with the apartment building is still in a fairly perilous place. It’s pretty tough to make that much money in such a short amount of time, no matter how hardy the entrepreneurial spirit.

So I’m admittedly slightly afraid of how everything will turn out. I can’t really see a way to properly resolve everything in the space of two episodes (unfortunately, the episode count is the shortcoming — pun not intended — of many noitaminA series), so we’ll probably have to settle for one major issue being worked out . . . and, obviously, the romance is the A story, which means it’s much more likely we’ll see movement on that front. Poor Kuranosuke will probably have to make yet another noble sacrifice to ensure the happiness of other people. Now that is a Bro.

Inari is definitely going to go down hard very soon, and not in the way she expects. For now, though, it’s fun to see so many wrenches thrown into her plan that force her to adapt on the fly. The big one, of course, is the revelation that Shuu is batting .000 when it comes to the ladies. Her reaction is pure gold. You’d think that in and of itself would give her away, but Inari could always play it off as not knowing beforehand (which is true) and say something super embarrassing and awkward like that Shuu was so good in bed that she would never have expected he was inexperienced (which would be complete bullshit, but everyone would be too busy reacting like, “WTF WRRRRRRRRRRY” to care).

Then again, the direction she goes in is hilarious too: Inari, the Virgin Killer! (Could have gone with Shouko the Impaled too.) Even if it’s a fake story and totally out of desperation, it is kind of refreshing to see an anime woman be like, “YEAH, I GET AROUND, AND I’M DAMN PROUD TOO”. Too bad Kuranosuke immediately scoffs at her. :p But, of course, she has her eternal trump card — the infamous saucy cell phone picture of her with Shuu in bed. Oh, the drama!

The short dinner date between Inari and Shuu is hilarious as well. Shuu is so old fashioned; I don’t know anyone who would not have laughed at his declaration that he and Inari had not united in spirit lol. They might not have united in spirit, but they sure united with (the aid of) spirits, amirite? (Or so Shuu believes.) And then her straightforward speech about how Shuu likes being under her thumb and keeps meeting with her because he wants to sleep with her again . . . comedy gold. (Also love her briefly revealing a crack in the armor by laughing at Shuu — complete with hilariously upset look on Shuu’s face — and then immediately diving back into the sexy confident woman persona.) The thought of Inari’s plan possibly failing because of the social awkwardness of everyone surrounding is her quite amusing.

And, hey, what better note to end on than OLD MEN IN SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORMS?! (I think anime hell is this crossed with Angel Beats, with a dash of tentacle monster thrown in.)


10 Responses to “Kuragehime 9 – So Much Misunderstanding”

  1. mefloraine Says:

    Don’t be hating on the old men in school uniforms.
    This episode was great.

    And I hadn’t thought about it before, but there really isn’t much time left, is there? I’d been having so much fun that I forgot…but it’s Kuragehime. So I’m sure the ending won’t be too terrible.

  2. Upscaled Says:

    You asked, and it’s not really a spoiler… The show has been following the manga almost word-for-word, shot-for-shot. The one exception is the comment about sending Shuu overseas. That’s not in the manga. This episode went to the end of Volume 3, (with one small scene from Volume 4 inserted into this episode.) 6 Volumes have been published so far, and the manga is not finished.

  3. I expected a sequel. That or an epic ending where the whore is under a lorry. XD

  4. What better note to end on indeed. Did anyone else also notice the Drrr!! music used in during that shot?! Team Baccararahime FTW!

    PS I lost count of how may double entendres you used in this post – Sinmaru puns also FTW!!

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