Bakuman 12 – A Great Cure for Insomnia

It seems appropriate that I write about this episode after today’s 12 Moments post. If G Gundam is a shining example of sappiness done right, then the ending to this episode is an example of sappiness gone terribly wrong.

What reason do we have to give a fuck about Mashiro and Azuki? They’re an empty, soulless ideal. They barely interact except to blush and to reaffirm that they’ll never see each other until their dreams come true. Way to substitute retarded romantic notions in place of meaningful character development, Bakuman. Real bang-up job there. Mashiro’s main motivation for becoming a manga author is so that he can bang Azuki, who is content to be like Beauty and the Beast‘s rose in the glass, wilting eternally in wait for that oh so proper moment of True Love. Fuck. Makes me want to gag. And yet we’ve got 12 episodes of this bullshit so far. Wonderful.

You know why G Gundam‘s sappiness works? Because we can feel the passion between Domon and Rain. There’s real feeling there. What feelings are there between Mashiro and Azuki? Have they had even one moment where you thought to yourself, “Wow, these two genuinely love each other”? We have to be told all the time that they have these SUPER DEEP feelings for each other and that, man, we just can’t understand their love. Oh, I understand. I understand that the anime has to fucking tell us about their love all the time because there is absolutely nothing to show. It’s not there. I feel nothing when I see them other than an intense desire to fall asleep on my keyboard and drool.

Fuck this shit. I’m glad Azuki is moving away. I hope she stays away forever. She can take her creepy ass mom with her too.

5 Responses to “Bakuman 12 – A Great Cure for Insomnia”

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  2. [quote]Mashiro’s main motivation for becoming a manga author is so that he can bang Azuki…[/quote]
    If I were Hattori and I find out that this is Mashiro’s true motivation for trying to get his work serialized ASAP, I would lose my faith in him as a mangaka artist. I would start to question his integrity and maturity altogether as a professional working in a demanding industry.

    But by biggest peeve here is, why do Mashiro and Azuki confidently believe that they would get in each other’s way if they were to be together? Do they really know that this would happen, or are they just following what their foolish hearts are telling them? For Mashiro’s side, I know that his late uncle’s romance with his high school sweetheart has an influence on him (foolish romanticist). For Azuki’s side… okay, now this is another problem: even into 12 episodes, I know nuts about what she’s doing to be a successful seiyuu.

    • Maybe they feel they would go at it like rabbits all day, everyday if they acknowledged their feelings.

      Like non-stop.

      So much they’d stop going to school and Miho would get pregnant and Mashiro would have to take responsibilit and he would have to get some dead end office job and all the life and fire they felt would be sucked out of their marriage and Mashiro would go on anti-depressants and Miho would seek comfort in another mans arms and Mashiro would find out and would put 2 bullet into them and then one into himself leaving their children parentless.

      Or maybe they are just dumb kids.

      Shoulda spent the post talking about Miyoshi’s outfits.

    • LOL, yeah. Maybe he should go all meta and make his next manga about someone who wants to write manga so that he can get laid.

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