Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 4 – Love! Love! Tenkyoken!

G Gundam was the last of my brushes with Imagawa-directed anime, and it was my least favorite, though a more accurate term would be that I thought it was the least totally fucking awesome. It has some definite flaws Giant Robo and Shin Mazinger Z do not (most notably a couple of strings of truly crappy episodes), but it says a lot about how good the good is that G is my second favorite Gundam series behind Zeta.

When I think about G Gundam, the ending is what leaps out at me. It’s everything that is wonderful about the series: On one side, you have this overgrown monstrosity of a Gundam — all fangs and mecha tentacles and what not — with Rain Mikamura at the head. On the other side is Domon Kasshu, wondering how he could possibly defeat the Devil Gundam without also destroying Rain. And then Domon realizes that what he needs to do is not fight . . . but to show Rain that he loves her, to really let her feel it for the first time.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a huge fucking sap. I hate sappy endings as much as anyone when they don’t work and aren’t earned by the story, but when they do work, I eat ’em all up. G Gundam‘s ending works because it is indescribably awesome. After watching Rain and Domon for 48 episodes, how could you not love them finally being together and teaming up to CRUSH AND DESTROY the Devil Gundam with the power of their Love?

Domon and Rain forever.


9 Responses to “Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 4 – Love! Love! Tenkyoken!”

  1. After 40+ episodes of Domon mostly being a boneheaded, clueless douche to Rain (and I wasn’t really that sympathetic towards her during the series), it was more than time for them to come to terms with their honest feelings. Too bad it took a giant Gundamized tentacle monster to do it.

    For all it’s uniqueness in the world of Gundam, Mobile Fighter G Gundam is classic Gundam. The bad parts as much as the good. And by that I mean, for all the ridiculous, weird, pointless, and damn near racist bullsh*t that sprinkled the series, the pay off outweighed anything that we didn’t like. You don’t get very many series with this good of a payoff.

    • “Near” racist?


      Dude it was plenty racist.

      Tequila Gundam.

    • Not that it makes it any better, but from what Imagawa has said, all those ridiculous Gundams were forced on him by his bosses.

      • Forced on him? I thought I read differently: he went with absolutely crazy designs on purpose to see if Bandai could market such ugly toys, which they still did, and managed a decent amount of success, so he was like “omg Bandai you totally one-upped me on this!”

        Or at least that’s what my failing memory says. Both parties could be equally accountable.

        Nether Gundam will send you to the Netherlands!

        • From what I remember of the article I read, the nationality-themed Gundams were what Bandai came up with, and then Imagawa made the Devil Gundam, God Gundam and so on as a reaction to those to see if they would go along with such detailed, crazy designs (which they did).

  2. Best cheese evar!


  3. Great moment, but for me it is still, and must always be how the East is burning red.

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