Twelve Moments of Anime 2010 No. 2.5 – Garzey’s Wing Is Amazing

I’m totally cheating with this, because I plan to post a real 12 Days post a bit later today, but whatever. I will bend CCY’s event to my will!!

Anyway, I am the newest recruit into the cult of Garzey’s Wing. Absolutely loved the hell out of this utter garbage. I’d read about it several times before — most notably on ANN and Digiboy’s site — but reading does not hint at even 1/100th of the enjoyment Garzey’s Wing provides. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and be amazed.

As you can no doubt hear, Garzey’s Wing is a remarkable achievement in bad dubbing. It is glorious. There are a lot of fantastic lines in that video, but my favorite exchange isn’t in it. (“It’s what we call a drug in my world.” “If you taste it or smoke it, you get happy and do crazy things!” Again, text cannot accurately portray the hilarity of this.) The actors in this were born to play the characters of Garzey’s Wing.

If you love so bad it’s good anything, then you owe it to yourself to watch Garzey’s Wing. In English. Because if you don’t, the Baby Jesus will cry. And would you be so heartless as to make the Baby Jesus cry so close to Christmas?


4 Responses to “Twelve Moments of Anime 2010 No. 2.5 – Garzey’s Wing Is Amazing”

  1. Don’t everyone watch it before next week! I’m hoping it’s going to be a surprise for somebody.

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