Kuragehime 10 – She Don’t Wear Jelly

I’ll take “Scenes in anime that make you question your sexuality” for $1,000, Alex.

So I’m still wondering what sort of resolution we’ll get with Kuragehime. Shuu has seemingly shut the door on Inari after a joke on her end that goes too far for his tastes, and is ready to go abroad for a while. Kuranosuke and Tsukimi have completed the first of their jellyfish dresses, but of course they have to get it noticed first before they can sell it. (And how would they keep up with the demand afterward?) And, uh, I guess someone is moving quickly on obtaining the apartment building since it’s all covered up now! Yikes!

Not really sure where to go from here, so I suppose I will address the Shuu/Inari storyline first. It’s kind of difficult for me to take it seriously because I can’t really take Inari seriously as a villain. In a weird way, she is out of her league with Shuu, and it’s because she’s too experienced. Delicacy just isn’t her game; the guy is insanely sensitive, so what seems like a nudge to her is like a god damned wrecking ball to him. Shuu is an overly serious puppy dog. Inari has just betrayed the guy’s trust too many times and played around with him too much for him to take it anymore. So the moral of the story is: Shuu is boring. Wait, I mean, don’t pretend you are dead.

Shit, sorry, Kuranosuke. 😦

Anyway, uh, nice dress! Given proper motivation, it seems that Tsukimi can make anything into a jellyfish. Why stop at dresses, I say. I’m sure plenty of people would love jellyfish-shaped food. Wouldn’t you all like a nice jellyfish cookie to munch on at your leisure? I have to say, though, jellyfish have always creeped me out, and articles like this certainly do not help with that. Jellyfish are the killers of the sea! But perhaps Tsukimi already knows this, and there is a killer inside her, watching, waiting for the best chance to spring her bloodthirsty terror upon the world . . .

I too would like to touch Banba’s afro. I bet it gives a wonderful sensation. They could charge for this, too! See, the Nuns have tons of ways to make money, and they just don’t know it.


10 Responses to “Kuragehime 10 – She Don’t Wear Jelly”

  1. Nooo, Shu X Inari will happen! Redemption plotline. Inari is won over by his genuine affection that pierced her cynical exterior and revealed the romantic underneath. It will happen!

  2. I don’t think Shuu is boring at all… 😛 he’s rather awesome actually. I enjoyed what little revenge he got on that witch. She needs to go away… I hate her SO much.

  3. It just occured to me, basically what Scamp said. Maybe this is where Inari starts rethinking her life.

  4. Like I said in my blog, if Inari had a changed of heart, mothafucking crap >>

  5. Inari is going to fall for Shuu. Honestly, I think they’re perfect for each other in some weird sort of way. Inari is like the Grinch, and Shuu is like…..whatever the heck made the Grinch stop being a dick.

  6. To echo the proceeding posts:

    Inari x Shuu
    Kuro x Tsukimi

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