Kuragehime 11 – Every Problem Is Solved With Magic (END) (?)

This is a cool looking shot, but I’m not sure if that’s how the reflection would work . . . :p

Then again, I suppose it fits in with Kuragehime‘s world, which is just kind of going along and doing whatever. Personally, I’m not totally sure how I feel about the ending; it would certainly be easier to judge if I had any indication whether the show would get another season. In America, shows are (over)covered to the point where you pretty much know almost right off the bat whether a show will get renewed or get the axe. Don’t know if it’s the same for Japan, but maybe not for such niche entertainment.

The way this episode turns out, it certainly seems as if Brains Base is angling for a second season. The lack of romantic resolution is the most obvious indicator on that front, but that honestly does not bother me that much. 11 episodes really isn’t that much for a decent relationship to develop unless it’s, like, all out all romance, all the time. And a foundation is laid for some fun stuff down the road . . . I mean, I totally have to eat my words and admit that KuraKimi is absolutely within the realm of possibility. I was 100 percent convinced it wasn’t just a few episodes back. Good show. Inari x Shuu is picking up steam, as well, much to my internal troll’s delight.

For a series that hangs its hat so much on the romantic element, it’s obviously not ideal, but it’s not really terrible either. What was terrible, however, was . . .

Seriously, that was about as bad as it could have been, though it wasn’t totally unexpected on my part. It would not have been great if the building issues stretched into infinity/a second season, but it would have been a million times better than this nonsense. A bunch of work totally down the drain. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time! Kuranosuke and Tsukimi are going to be OK, of course, because they’re obviously not going to abandon the whole fashion thing just because they don’t have a building to buy anymore. If Tsukimi tried to bow out (which I don’t think she would), Kuranosuke would RAEG to the heavens.

But the Nuns? Same ol’, same ol’ for them. It’s irritating because I actually wanted to see them apply themselves and see where it would get them. They can do good shit when they put their minds to it. But instead they get the apartment building handed back to them like nothing. So, really, it was just a plot device to get Kuranosuke and Tsukimi involved in the fashion world; I don’t have a problem with the ends at all, but the means is just lame. It’s a pretty big storyline, and it just ends in the dumbest, most haphazard way. Is that how it goes down in the manga? I know I had at least one helpful reader who’s keeping up with it.

Ah well. I don’t want to spend the entire post bitching about a show that despite the less than stellar ending I still enjoyed for the most part. If I knew for sure that there would be a second season of Kuragehime, then I would feel a bit better about this ending, and I would definitely be counting down the days until it started. The uncertainty just makes me nervous, you know? But even without the promise of a second season, Kuragehime was pretty fun. I liked the characters, was pretty invested in what was happening and laughed a decent amount at each episode. That’s more than I can say for just about every other series this season.


12 Responses to “Kuragehime 11 – Every Problem Is Solved With Magic (END) (?)”

  1. Upscaled Says:

    “Is that how it goes down in the manga?” In a word, NO. Chieko’s mother is introduced in volume 6, looking exactly as she does in the anime, but she is raging about kicking out the Nuns because they are all a bunch of good-for-nothing NEETs.

    Episode 11 takes bits and pieces from volumes 4, 5 & 6 to end up at a stage in the story somewhat equivalent to the end of volume 5 (if that makes any sense.) It also introduces a lot of anime-only original material in-between.

    • Hm, that makes me a bit more wary about the show, then — maybe a bit less confident in a second season, but more than that, the potential quality of a second season. But, hey, best not to be too pessimistic without enough reason.

      Thanks for the information.

  2. What bothered me about this last ep wasn’t just that the plot felt very rushed, but that the production values seemed rushed as well. This episode was pretty sub-par for the show as a whole in animation, and that’s the opposite of how I want a final episode to be.

    • I’m terrible at noticing things like that on first watch because I’m concentrating too much on the story and other things (unless it’s REALLY super obvious like when Studio DEEN fucks shit up).

  3. starpowder Says:

    i’m inclined to agree. it just felt that they really didn’t make the nuns grow at all and it was very disappointing, in terms of the actual plot of course. i think they should have at least did more than just half an episode of chieko’s mom going “oh ___ moved back here so forget about selling it btw lol~~~~~”


    with the whole romance aspect of it, i would say it was open-ended, assuming that it didn’t get picked up for a second season (although honestly, i think it would just because a LOT of people seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it but this is because i’m biased as well lol) but if it is just for one season, then i’m glad it ended like that because of reasons that you stated and plus i like the speculation. >_>;; /done.

    • It’s usually tough for me to gauge whether something will get a second season, because I’m not really in tune to how the Japanese feel about a show. Kuragehime might be pretty popular among bloggers and some other anime fans, but is it big enough in Japan to get another season? I hear the manga is popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that popularity will translate over to the anime.

  4. InarixShuu, sudden skyrocketing fashion career of Tsukimi, and the Amamizukan business… if you think about it that was as big as a troll ending as it gets short of making me throw computer out the window.

  5. Here’s a show that just ended. Poof.

    I still loved every minute of it, but gah, what a dumb end.

    I’ve been saying Inari X Shuu from the beginning. It’s turning out exactly as I thought it would too.

  6. I will miss your special edition Trap flavour puns. 😦

    I really, really hope there is a second series, gonna miss this one lots. 😦 😦

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