The Gundam 00 Movie Is the Comedy of the Year

Setsuna having the same hairstyle as his movie counterpart is only the tip of the iceberg. :p

When I heard a bit more about the Gundam 00 movie at Anime Expo a couple of years back, I was looking forward to it. While in retrospect, Gundam 00 isn’t as good as some other Gundam series, I nonetheless enjoyed it and have actually watched it more than once. (And I suppose I’ll always be fond of it to a certain extent since it was my gateway Gundam.) But some initial reviews poured in after the movie was shown in various places (most notably Mike Toole’s article at ANN), and the feedback was not great, to say the least. So my expectations were lowered considerably heading into the movie, which is why I can safely say that I still thought it blew huge chunks.

But there is enjoyment to be had from the Gundam 00 movie! This is because it is secretly the best anime comedy that will be released in 2011. Let us count the oh so very many ways it is hilarious!

First off, the movie within the movie is actually legitimately funny. I especially enjoyed Alejandro embracing his destiny and becoming a full-fledged super robot villain even though he was at least halfway there in season one. A close second is the movie’s Celestial Being including a new glasses guy, a girl and a black dude. Fantastic.

But perhaps funnier than the movie is . . .

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SAJI. HE IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE EVERY OTHER CHARACTER OF HIS TYPE IN EVERY OTHER GUNDAM. Speaking of useless characters, who else enjoyed acting as if anyone should give a shit about Marina’s opinion when she spent season two babysitting kids and being a homeless man’s Elton John. But, hey, leader of an entire nation and everything.

Now, I’d stopped taking the movie seriously long before this point (I actually took the movie seriously for about three minutes before giving up), but if I hadn’t, then this would have done it. I mean, we’ve got a Ribbons clone channeling the guy in the suit from E.T., and unleashing the pseudo-antagonist of the movie, ELS, on a poor, unsuspecting teenage girl. I’m shocked tentacles weren’t involved in this scene. But, hey, why have tentacles when you can be a crystallized alien life form? That’s my motto.

This scientist, I think, is a reaction to how thoroughly BLfied Gundam 00 is. People wanted to like Nena Trinity without the stigma of her being a humongous bitch, so after killing her off in the second season they just introduced someone who looks almost exactly like her (just with darker hair) and is also voiced by Rie Kugimiya, but is DEFINITELY NOT NENA TRINITY NO SIR. I have to wonder if they were also aiming to piss off the people who ship Billy with Graham or something. That’s not the reason for her existence, of course, since she is a Very Serious Scientist who knows a lot about science and also happens to be hot ‘n’ horny for Billy.

It’s Ribbons getting hit with a chair. There’s no way this isn’t hilarious. I defy anyone to not laugh during this scene. Can’t be done.

This is No. 2 in the “Gundam 00 movie moments that are actually legit funny” list. Patrick in pajamas is just too hilarious. He’s also the Hunchback of Notre Dame, apparently.

Good job dying, super powerful Innovator introduced in this movie! You’re awesome!

More of Setsuna shitting rainbows (as a friend of mine likes to term it). Always good for a laugh.

We’re supposed to care about this douchebag all of a sudden? That’s a laugh in and of itself. There was more clapping on my end when he bit the dust, though.

And the end, hahaha, WHAT. This is worse than fucking space whales. In fact, I’ll go on record on the American DVD if it comes to that.

“Worse than fucking space whales.” — Shinmaru, UNMEI KAIHEN

And the end, hahaha, what a sappy load of horse shit. Marina is the luckiest person here; she’s blind, so she doesn’t have to see this nonsense. I hope Setsuna enjoys his silver dong, at least.



37 Responses to “The Gundam 00 Movie Is the Comedy of the Year”

  1. Oh god, just remembering all the stupidity makes me want to watch this again! 😆

    You missed Fairy!Tieria BTW – I laughed solidly for a good 5minutes at what they reduced Tieria to.

    • I didn’t include every hilarious thing in the movie because there is just too much. I spent an hour writing this, and it’s only like 700 words!

  2. HAHAHAHA I was going to pass on this one but might check it out now, considering it was actually a comedy and all. They definitely pushed it too far with Kugumiya’s character… I hated ALL the Trinities…

  3. Ahh shit. Rie Kugimiya is in this? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to watch this crap…

  4. Myssa Says:

    It’s hilarious how in the Celestial Being movie Tiera was turned into a black guy and Haptism into a pink-haired loli. They’re REALLY not into historical accuracy then, given only movie Setsuna looked even vaguely close to the real Setsuna.

    • Haha, yeah, it was a funny representation of “historical” movies, but then they went and ruined by doing the “I THINK IT IS PROPAGANDA” super obvious dumbness.

  5. fgdhjlkksthrdfkgjhlkjhhgfdhjgkhjhsghjkgfhjkgllgdjhkjfkksjgdhkf



    I promise to be more articulate when I write my own post and fucking finally end this affair with my Gateway Gundam 00.


    seriously crying here. you basically summed my experience up with this post perfectly. i don’t have to do one now because YOU did it for me!

    i still feel trolled…..

    • *bows*

      I’d probably feel more trolled if 1) I hadn’t finished Gundam 00 like two years ago, and 2) If the TV anime –> movie success rate weren’t so mixed.

      • ya i probably wouldn’t have been as heartbroken over the movie if i had watched this a while ago too LOL


  7. “Gundam 00: Do You Remember Hate?”

    There are no words. Gave it

  8. The pure disapproval for this movie has reached such levels that I HAVE to watch this thing. I’ll fairly give this movie a shot, but usually my opinions don’t vary too greatly from most people I know. If this is really as bad as everyone says, then I look forward to hurling into the bucket I’ll have waiting at the side of my desk.

    Hilarious post!

  9. DAMNIT. Kinda wished I had seen 00 already so that I could’ve checked out the #sccsav viewing with you guys. I heard it was awesome/awful/hilarious.

    • Myssa Says:

      Oh it was. Highlights were Crusader’s UNSTOPPABLE LAUGHTER whenever Shipping Bait was gloriously flaunted in our faces. We’re looking at you, Billy and Nena… I mean, MEENA, and Feldt and Setsuna.

    • I’m not quite sure it’s worth watching 00 to experience this hilarity, haha. First season is pretty good (though you can’t really take it that seriously), second season mucks many things up.

  10. […] Gundam 00 is an entertaining movie, no question, but if you’re looking for cerebral entertainment (not that some people won’t try to interpret things in an ‘educated’ manner just for argument’s sake) this isn’t the movie to watch. Much like the Nanoha 1st movie, you watch this for the pretty explosions and light shows caused by mobile suits spamming beam weaponry against their enemies.  You do NOT watch for the plot, as the movie was pretty much almost 70% (high quality animated) fast-paced battle after battle. […]

  11. This movie was alright kind of boring to me, I had more fun with the side characters than the main cast. Not so sure I was sold on the aliens being thrown in randomly but sort of saw that coming anyway with the whole Jupiter thing.

  12. Maximillion Genius Says:

    The first thing that sprang in my mind about tierra’s hologram projection is…. A fairy. No. Its tinkerbell guiding the man who refused to grow- his hair.

    Its kinda sad how the show throw away any sense of realism at the second season. I mean, its an eye candid bishounen meccha porn during season one. It defeats seed and seed destiny(UGH) in terms of originality and animation quality….. Then there’s the virus influenza of alternate universe gundams….. The super robot dilemna.

    The worse part of it, I recently watched it after my marathon of Gundam unicorn. So could you imagine how painful it is to be subjected to a 180 degrees polar shift of mood?

    Wow, just wow.

  13. afnakfanfnskejfnsfsn Says:

    Beside Pain, do you Bring Stabity?

  14. afnakfanfnskejfnsfsn Says:

    What is truely wrong with Sunrise thinking is that THEY CAN’T SEEM TO KILL THEIR CHARACTERS! They always scraping the dead ones.

  15. banagherlinks Says:

    I would rather have a rewatch of char’s counterattack rather than this shit. Almost on the same level of shittiness as endless waltz. Oh, they replaced the fancy gay crap feather gundam with a sparkling pixie dust. Shit just get serious eh, sunrise????

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