The Mathematics of Onii-chan no Koto

I bet you are excited! Just like Nao!

For the record, the equation is CLAMP + anorexic giraffe = ONII-CHAN NO BAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

This is great! I bet this is how Isaac Newton felt when he invented calculus!  Let’s try one more!



28 Responses to “The Mathematics of Onii-chan no Koto”

  1. I….don’t get it.
    Aside from the fact that you don’t like it. Yay.

  2. Haha! I’m totally with you on this one. You take A+ if I’m correcting your paper XP
    For real, how worse could it have been. I just wasted my time getting excited for OniiKoto, but oh well..
    By the way, another disappointment was FREEZING to me. I was barely hanging in there until the moment someone brushed their face somewhere, too much sibling complex stupidity for one day X3

    • I’m half-and-half on watching Freezing, but I’ve had so little time for anime lately that I’ll probably skip it unless a bunch of people suddenly love it.

  3. LOL. This is true on many, many levels. XD

  4. I bet that onii-chan show drove you insane xD it’s making you all hyper and stuff~ you might have to explain the second picture a little, what does the bread and south park has to do with anything? o_o lol make more post like these! they’re fun ^_^

  5. This is awesome!
    I like the first one bestest XD

  6. Tee hee. Turd sandwich.

  7. we all watch it for the trollz now.

  8. Zerbin Says:

    I got the turd sandwich joke. I also agree with the sentiment.

  9. I approve.

    ‘Nuff said. ❤

  10. for the record, that giraffe is bulemic, not anorexic.

    but I’m not sure I get your point. SPEAK CLEARLY, DO YOU LIKE THIS OR NOT

    • I knew someone would call me out on that, and yet I was too lazy to change it. I even said bulimic giraffe when I made that joke among friends. 😦

      I would like this show if I were a fan of bulimic giraffe-human hybrids concocting convoluted plots to sleep with their siblings. But I am not!

      All said, though, it’s just a dumb, goofy brocon show. It’s a pretty easy target, but I’m not really going to remember it a couple of months from now.

  11. Kurokaze-sama Says:

    Shit man, I think I love you.

  12. Brutal. Absolutely brutal.

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