Level E 1 – Illegal Alien

During the open narration, I couldn’t help but think the whole time, “Wow, this set-up sounds like one of Takagi’s names.” Damn you, Bakuman. Damn you. Don’t make me start mixing Shounen Jump series.

Level E was a series that was not really on my radar, because I thought the concept art looked kind of goofy. But when I hear a bit of buzz behind a series, I’m more than willing to drop my biases and give it a shot, because, hey, the chance people might be right about a show is worth it, you know? Who knows if Level E will be ultimately worthwhile, but the first episode is fairly solid. Also helps that the source manga is pretty short (just three volumes, 16 chapters total), so there’s no danger of it dragging on into infinity like almost every other Jump series ever.

The premise isn’t totally original — aliens live on Earth! And HUMANS are the only ones who don’t know about it! (So I suppose the parrot in this episode is more up on world events than ol’ Yukitaka.) So there are aliens everywhere, and our normal high school protagonist who wants a taste of the bachelor life in high school and wanders into his swingin’ bachelor pad to find an alien in his home! Oh no! And then the requisite wacky hijinks ensue, complete with a slammin’ hottie who moves in next door. Score!

But even something that’s not totally original can still be pretty fun, and Level E‘s first episode is solid. The dynamic between our otherworldly arrival and Yukitaka is familiar — Yukitaka is the disbelieving straight man, while on the other side is the bastardly alien. It works here because most of the alien’s bastardly behavior is through cutting verbal remarks and faked ignorance. Characters who are unapologetic assholes just kill me, so I enjoyed him being a prick to shouty ol’ Yukitaka, who is kind of bland right now. Hopefully he becomes a bit more interesting soon.

I also hope that what drama there is is mixed into the story a bit better. It’s kind of jarring to be like comedy comedy comedy . . . drama . . . COMEDY COMEDY COMEDY drama COMEDY drama drama DRAMA throughout. Will say that the alien’s true form is suitably, uh, alien. Yeesh. E.T. he is not, though I suppose it is better for him that he does not look like a shriveled space penis. Anyway, soon everyone who has an interesting in hunting aliens is going to be after our alien friend, especially since he is not doing such a great job of keeping himself on the down low, so there will be plenty of drama to come later, I assume. So, uh, please get better at presenting the drama, Level E! Thanks! Keep the comedy, though, that works fine.

Also, Mr. Alien, don’t become a space hippie like that damn Basara. The moment he pulls out a space guitar, I’m out.


9 Responses to “Level E 1 – Illegal Alien”

  1. shriveled space penis

    Oh good lord, I cannot stop laughing.

    I really enjoyed the show, myself, and cannot wait for the rest, as well as your take on it.

  2. LOL I don’t think he’s gonna pull a Basara at all XD

    I’m completely in love with the series though and I’ll probably pick up the manga after it is finished to get more laughs. Glad I picked a good one to episodically blog this season to get back into the swing of doing that.

  3. Kaitune Says:

    I was curious why such an old series (which, if I recall correctly, wasn’t that popular while it was released) would get an anime adaptation, so I checked out the manga. Originally I only intended to read a couple of chapters to get the feel of it, but I ended up reading the entire series in one go because it was much better than what I had expected.

    [No spoiler here in term of plot and characters. However, I would mention something about the manga structure. Hopefully, that’s okay.]

    The manga is actually structured more like an anthology, in which every story has the alien guy getting involved in some ways. The tone of each story can get quite different from another. However, every story still features the same satire dramedy atmosphere.

    I would say that this is my favorite work from the mangaka due to its pretty unique sense of humor and the asshole alien guy. The first chapter, which is based rather faithfully on the first chapter apart from a few unimportant changes, is probably the most typical one of the series. Hope that you would follow this one, I dare say that you will be in for a good ride šŸ™‚

    • Who knows about the timing of the adaptations, but after the first episode, I’m not complaining. And that’s interesting about the structure … maybe that combined with the short length of the work will keep the anime interesting to the end.

  4. thought that it wasn’t my type of anime, either (baseball + sci-fi = @_@) but the first ep did seem pretty solid; might as well give it a shot.

  5. The alien was a riot! especially when he pulled out the Muppets and did a reenactment..Lol..


  6. Such a funny show! really good stuff here the alien wow very fun to watch never know what he will do next.

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