Level E 2 – Aliens Are Douchebags

Oh shit. Things are getting messy in a hurry in Level E land.

So Level E continues to be hilarious. I don’t know about you guys, but I was doubled over in laughter when it was revealed that our princely alien friend “killed” the mugger dude in his story. When he revealed the punch, I had briefly wondered if he would be strong enough to kill a human if he unleashed all his might, and when the series actually went through with it (for a time) . . . man, that is priceless. At least so far, dear ol’ Baka is my perfect vision of the Unrepentant Asshole character. He mocks people, obscures facts, has no problem murdering the fuck out of random people, etc., and is always hilarious while doing it. At this rate, he’ll be up there with Guu, Tomo Takino and others in the Anime Asshole Pantheon.

But, of course, the corpse throws a wrench in the plan by not being a corpse at all. It’s a nice twist that the so-called dead man is a Disckonian. They’ve got a hell of an intergalactic incident on their hands — not only is Prince Baka probably going to be late to the meeting of the Almighty UN Spacy, but also the Disckonians are going to be pissed off as hell that one of their own got his ass kicked so thoroughly, and by a prissy looking alien of royal lineage, even. Do I spy class wars on the horizon? Probably not, but it might be funny.

Anyway, yeah, the Disckonians will definitely be looking to fuck shit up. This group on Earth may be more pacified than your everyday Disckonian, even in the presence of their arch-enemies (I love the term “arch-enemy” btw), but once you mess with them? Oh, it’s on, motherfucker. It’s on. Poor Alien Takehito Koyasu’s heart is going to explode by the time he gets off Earth. Not even two episodes into the series, and the Prince is already on the verge of starting an intergalactic war. That’s just how the assholes roll.

I like the development of our Human Friends as well. Yukitaka shows that he’s not just the straight man lead, there to express befuddlement at the prince’s assholeish ways. He actually shows some spine by not taking any alien guff and refusing to be patronized. If I were him, I’d be tired of this alien bullshit, too, although I probably wouldn’t be so quick to get in the alien’s face, because who knows what the fuck he could do? Worst case scenario: Tentacle rape. This is still anime, after all. Gotta watch out for that. Be like Golgo 13: Never let anyone get behind you. Ever.

And the gal pal, Miho, is pretty cool too. She goes along with this surprisingly easily, which makes me wonder if this is her first contact with extraterrestrial life. Even for someone with a scientist father who works with this kind of shit all the time, she makes a pretty big leap with shocking ease. Or maybe Haruhi Suzumiya grew up and finally calmed the fuck down. (Never mind that Haruhi and Miho are presumably the same age.) In a sea of shitty neighbors, sometimes you stumble upon one who is pure gold.

But I guess that won’t matter for long if the Earth ends up going the Alderaan route. Uh oh!

Also, I’m not the only one who thinks these kids are creepy, right? They’re probably adult aliens who decided to disguise themselves as children for maximum creepiness. Those assholes.


8 Responses to “Level E 2 – Aliens Are Douchebags”

  1. I like that they’ve finally given the male lead a personality beyond reaction face. Plus he’s a delinquent! I think since Harima Kenji I’ve always had a soft spot for delinquents. It’s the funny faces they pull with their mouths that they think makes them look intimidating.

  2. karry Says:

    How did everyone miss the terran battlecruiser ?

  3. Kaitune Says:

    That’s just the icing on the mountain of the baka prince’s asshole-ness. He is such an ultimate asshole that all the other lesser assholes will look up to him and whisper “that dude is such an ass!”.

    Knowing the punchline of this episode beforehand lessen the impact for me, but so far so great! Looking forwards to the third episode!

  4. adaywithoutme Says:

    That thing moved its eyes at the end! We’re in a somewhat rural setting! ZOMG VAMPIRES!!!!!11

  5. Is it your font or is my mind somewhere it should be, but I kept reading your ‘Disckonians’ as Dicksonians, hmm. clearly it’s your font. Prince Baka laughing at the white noise on the telly was hilarious, as was a million and one other things about these past two episodes. Defo a keeper.

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