Kimi ni Todoke 27 – Grow a Pair

You said it, sister . . .

At least there’s now another potential rival around to boot Kazehaya in the ass, or else the guy would just waffle around until the end of time for fear of making poor ol’ Sawako’s heart explode. Yes, Kazehaya thought he could just dawdle around until his balls finally dropped and he would have the courage to tell Sawako he is head over heels in love with her. Surely no handsome stranger would show up out of nowhere in their second year of high school and become attracted to Sawako, and eventually attempt to make some sort of move on her, right? Of course not!

Not so fast, my friend!

But, yeah, Kazehaya makes some half-hearted attempt at a confession before predictably waffling at the last second when his come-on confuses the hell out of Sawako. I guess you can’t blame him much there, though. You need some tact with Sawako. Instead of flesh and bone, I think she is made up of wilting flowers and sensibly-priced satin. Anyway, if he gave her the ol’ “I LOVE YOU” right then and there, she’d probably turn into one of the Nun statues from Kuragehime for at least a decade. When someone noticing that you take care of flowers is a major event for you, then you are probably not quite ready for a romantic relationship. Just sayin’.


Although he looks more like Tamaki than Takuto . . .

So, yeah, LOVE RIVAL OUT OF NOWHERE. Well, not really a total rival as of yet; he’s just giving Sawako some looks and being way too touchy-feely, and also noticing what a delightful non-pair Sawako and Kazehaya are. Scheming! I wonder if he’ll be a sneaky Kurumi-esque planner or if he will be more up front with his rabu rabu plotting. How exciting! My guess? It will be somewhere in between. Obviously he’s already set himself up as a somewhat bold guy, but nobody is up front about fucking anything in this series, so Kenta will split the difference and be bold about being a sneaky bastard.

I wish the show could find a way to be interesting other than by introducing another love rival. (But this time it’s a guy, though, so it’s totally different!!) If this is the path the series is going down, however, at least make something come of it by the end . . . you know, other than Sawako making another friend or something. If this ends with Sawako and Kazehaya standing around and blushing while sweet music plays in the background and nothing fucking happens, then I will rage to the heavens.

OK, I won’t rage that much, but I’ll be pretty annoyed. That’s the big problem with anything that relies on potential romance as the primary driving force of dramatic conflict — once the main couple gets together, that’s it. Show’s over, nothing to see here anymore. But once it keeps dragging on and on, the risk becomes whether people will care about it anymore. Would I watch a third season of Kimi ni Todoke if Sawako and Kazehaya made absolutely zero progress this season? Probably not. I mean, that’s 38 episodes of waffling.

I do have to wonder what Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship would be like after they got together. I see two possibilities: 1) Not only does Sawako break her shyness by getting with Kazehaya, but she completely fucking shatters it and becomes the most confident woman in the world, rocking Kazehaya’s world day in and day out and wearing the pants in the family. Where’s your Yamato Nadeshiko now, Kazehaya?! or 2) Kazehaya and Sawako get together only for Kazehaya to discover that Sawako is the Japanese Virgin Mary, and God will be very displeased if he touches her in a naughty way. They’ll have a kid, but it will be a virgin birth like Nagisa obviously had in Clannad ~After Story~ (Do you believe for a minute that Nagisa and Tomoya had sex? No fucking way. Pun intended.)


4 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke 27 – Grow a Pair”

  1. What’s with all this Kenta haterade, the dude hasn’t even done anything yet, lol. Loved the whole flower thing. And the fact that Kazehaya was watchig over Sawako the entire time was so romantic in a totally uncreepy way. I have high hopes that there will be a satisfying resolution to this series re: Kazeko, and even if there will be rage, I’m sure that the DAAWWW will far outweigh it, as Ryan (aka Mr Aloe Dream) said elsewhere – long live Kazeko and Ryuchi!

  2. adaywithoutme Says:

    Yeah, I was really irritated by how Clannad~After Story~ portrayed the romance between Nagisa and Tomoya. It should’ve been sweet, it should’ve been lovely, it should’ve been wonderful! But they just couldn’t stand the idea of sullying their innocent love by having them actually behave like motherfucking adults.

    I can’t watch KimiTodo. Its too pleasant

  3. eyemiro Says:

    Gotta love those puns.

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