Fractale 2 – Trailer Parks Are the Future

Now that’s real mobile Internet.

So, Fractale‘s world seems more and more like one of those sci-fi hedonistic paradises so far — the computers take care of everything (and may even do sinister things like take advantage of religion to gather data on people, if Clain’s throwaway comment can be taken seriously), and people mostly roam the countryside in their mobile homes, not tied down to anything aside from their complete dependence on technology. Good times I type from my evil laptop computer!

And, uh, I guess the solution in Fractale is one way to avoid a housing crisis — just make sure not many people actually settle down in homes! (Man, there must not be that many people in the world, though, or else traffic would be an utter nightmare. And, of course, finding a place to settle down for the evening would probably be hell, too, if the world of Fractale were as crowded as ours is.) There’s definitely a certain romance and adventure to the life of the perpetual wanderer, but the people of Fractale are like those families that go camping to experience life in the wilderness, and take off in a high-tech trailer and stick it out in there for the duration. What’s the point? Seems pretty empty to me.

I did find the talk between Clain and his parents sort of interesting. They say that forcing Clain to live with them would be like a declaration that they believe he cannot be trusted; that they would be stifling his freedom to live however he pleases. (Because, praise the lord, our supercomputers allow us to live free like birds!) But Clain fires back by saying that this is just a rationalization that allows his parents to do whatever the hell they want without Clain around. This involves lots of sexy time, I presume.

So there’s a tug of war between ultimate freedom and pure isolation. Clain can do whatever he wants, but he’s more attached to older ways — having a house that sticks in one spot, talking to people in person (and not just through doppels) and so on. A lot of the time, freedom comes with some sort of sacrifice. The more you carve your own path, the more it takes you away from other people (unless, of course, you make the concerted effort to include others). So it makes sense that the ultimate freedom of the Fractale world necessarily includes an overwhelming sense of isolation. People are concerned about being free and living their own way; they contact each other only when necessary and only through the means they dictate (i.e. the doppels).

It’s just like the actual Internet! Wow! I suppose not many people are like Clain and have that same sort of attachment to the world and the people in it. As an aside, not that Fractale is really near this level at all, but watching Fractale does make me wonder what a Miyazaki-esque heroine in a modern, digital world would be like. (Not that Miyazaki would go for something like that since he wants technology to die lol.) How many of them would be able to function in a place like this? In an ironic way, wouldn’t it be too stifling for them? They thrive on adventure, discovery and interaction. In Fractale, they’d be seeing people and places, but not really. Someone like Nausicaa would definitely have started rebelling by now. Get with the program, Clain!

As for the episode itself, it’s OK. I still think the look and feel of the world is kind of neat, but it would be nice if things would get moving a bit more. Ineffectual loli taking advantage of a retarded doppel (?) to capture Clain doesn’t really count. They’re not any more threatening than they were before. They’re just lucky.


5 Responses to “Fractale 2 – Trailer Parks Are the Future”

  1. Nessa is by far the most interesting character so far! Love her hyper personality very fun stuff from her.

    Also seems like Clain is sort of trapped on that island and his parents up and left him there so lame! But I am sure we will find out why eventually.

    Can’t wait to see more love this anime so far 🙂

  2. It’s hinting at some interesting ideas and world concepts underneath the surface, but the comic scenes are doing it no favors. OK, I liked when Nessa fucked up the hippie trailer park, but otherwise they’re dragging down what we assume will be some grand plot. Clain doesn’t have enough chemistry with any of the other characters for the interactions to be very interesting.

    • Yeah, that’s the frustrating part — there’s definitely stuff in here that is interesting, but it’s muddled in with a bunch of other non-interesting stuff. Harumph.

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