Level E 3 – Prankster Prince

A keikaku doori face of a different type right here . . .

So, I guess Level E will be separated into a few short arcs rather than being one large story? Works for me. This first arc comes to a hilarious end, as the obvious has been revealed: Baka cannot be trusted at all. Not just by the humans or his guardians, but the audience as well.

Yep, the whole enterprise was a Baka con job from the beginning, purely for the sake of seeing how his wards would react under the greatest possible duress. Our human friends were basically a tool employed by Baka to move his narrative along, but once he was there, he had great fun fucking with them and alternately gaining their trust as well (as tenuous as that trust was). And the best part is that Baka pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes even though he constantly shows his true nature to everyone. Baka’s behavior screams that he is not someone to be trusted, and yet, he got a tiny sliver of the benefit of the doubt and used it to his greatest advantage.

I thought Baka would have something up his sleeve, but I didn’t expect him to go quite this far, which was pretty awesome. And I love that his powers of prankery are so vast that he got a notoriously warmongering alien race to go along with his schemes, just for the opportunity to get in with a potential baseball star. That Baka knows all the right buttons to push. He even got the human scientists to join in! Good show, you princely bastard. Good show.

Bahaha, a totally red-faced Yukitaka pouring out his heart and soul for someone who doesn’t deserve it in the least. Oh, such GAR words from such an easily influenced kid. I love it. Does make me wonder what Baka planned to do with all this footage, though. He seems to have been editing it the whole time, judging from the fancy labels and the fact that the footage is, you know, even edited in the first place. Maybe he was planning to hop around the universe proudly displaying documentary evidence of his holy bastardliness. Just imagine Baka hopping into the intergalactic Sundance or Cannes and showing that bad boy to a horde of alien cinema snobs. Pure gold, I say.

Poor Miho wasn’t too happy with what Baka had to say about her, either. She’s pretty perceptive, though, immediately sensing that she is being ribbed even though Baka’s descriptions are in an alien language. Pretty sure she long ago got the hint that whatever Baka does, it’s not good, so if you can’t understand something he wrote, chances are it is not such a good thing. What is a good thing, though, is that she didn’t open her big mouth in defense of Baka, and thus her embarrassment was limited to just a few seconds in his pseudo-documentary. Go, Miho.

Funniest part of the episode, though, is Kraft going absolutely apeshit on Baka in such a gleeful way while trying to find out if jogging Baka’s memory with a big enough shock will allow them to get the information they so desperately need. Of course, this was never destined to work since Baka was pranking them all the whole time, but in some small way he gets a bit of comeuppance for his treachery. I wonder if the possibility of Kraft pulling some MMA tactics on him ever entered Baka’s mind? Kraft was wound up so tightly that he needed to blow off some steam, anyway.

This also makes me wonder: Do they get Earth TV signals way out there? The scenario of aliens learning about Earth culture from television has always amused me. It would be so inaccurate and yet so truthful at the same time. It’d also be great if Kraft learned his submissions from UFC or puroresu or something, haha.


7 Responses to “Level E 3 – Prankster Prince”

  1. I know it’ll never happen, but I want Baka and Izaya to be unleashed on each other somehow.

    • That would be a weird crossover. Would Izaya be drawn in Level E style, or would everyone in Level E be done up like in Durarara!!?

  2. Kaitune Says:

    I thought the end of this arc in the manga was good already… But this is BETTER! The voice acting (especially Kraft’s), the comedic pacing, and everything—are just too awesome! I have never watch an anime that make me laugh non-stop like an idiot in such a long long time!

    If they can keep improving on the materials like this, I can say with full confidence that this would surely make one of the best shows of the season (if not the best… Depend on how Madoka turns out as a whole)

    • I think this and Madoka are the best of the season so far for sure. (Though I haven’t watched past ep1 of Wandering Son yet.)

      • I agree about that! And I’ve been watching Wandering Son too.
        (I was excited for it but it turned out too weird to be considered seriously somehow /=)

      • Kaitune Says:

        The funny thing is that I previously had no interest whatsoever with both Madoka and Level E when I saw all the season previews. I thought Madoka would be another Magical girl anime (where the only gimmick would be Shaft being too Shaft-ly for their own good) and I didn’t know what to make of Level E. I am so glad that they end up being very awesome surprise since the other shows that I originally looked forward to (IS Infinite Stratos, Gosick, Fractale, Supernatural) didn’t quite capture my interest.

        I really hope that Shaft can keep it up ’til the end for Madoka.

        • I was moderately interested in Madoka, but not nearly to the extent other people were, and Level E was barely on my radar at all, haha. I only gave the latter a shot because people seemed to like its first episode. Very glad I did.

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