Fractale 3 – Grand Theft Fractale

Seriously, that is pretty much how Lost Millennium approaches its mission against the Fractale system old lady mages: Just jump in and blast the shit out of everything. But clearly they did not take it far enough — they should have rode in one of those mobile homes and started running over people for maximum effect.

On a more serious note . . . uh, damn. I think that eases my concerns about Fractale‘s plot getting a move on. The conflict has evolved into one of the old standbys — security vs. freedom. As it is right now, the people in Fractale‘s world are secure: The computers take care of everything, and nobody has to worry about anything of major concern like money or health care or whatever . . . but it comes at the cost of choice, freedom, privacy, etc. because computers can’t really be in control of everything unless they’re really in control of everything. And on the other side, Lost Millennium is fighting back by “regressing” to where we are right now. They’ve got to work for what they have, and a good life is not a guarantee, but they actually are free to live how they choose (as long as they don’t get caught).

I’d wonder if the two sides could co-exist, but that’s never really possible with these fictional totalitarian societies. Enough people catch wind of an alternative lifestyle and defect, and boom, suddenly the totalitarians have lost their grip on power. Still wondering if either side — if any — is “right” though. Obviously there’s a lot we don’t know about the conflict; seems silly to take anyone at face value right now. The Fractale folks seem to be doing Not Cool things like brainwashing (if that’s what it really is, of course) and whatnot, but Lost Millennium does shoot first, and we really have nothing to justify it save their word. People die pretty violently on both sides; if I were Clain, I wouldn’t be sure what to think.

Also wondering if Real Nessa knew this was coming — seems likely to me, considering what we have seen of Doppel technology so far. So that begs the question: If she knew this was coming, then why did she let it progress to the degree it did? There were guards around, but come on, they were like Metal Gear Solid guards at best. There couldn’t have been others stationed around to stop this from going on?

(Of course, there’s the Devil’s Advocate point: Just because the doppel looks like Nessa does not necessarily mean that the doppel belongs to Nessa. The doppel didn’t come around until after Phryne left; seems pretty likely that this doppel is a way for Phryne to keep tabs on Clain while she is off doing whatever it is she is doing. But what purpose would there be to watching Clain? Hell if I know. Not like he was anyone important at the time; he was just a curiosity to Phryne.)

Whatever the case, Phryne is back and ready to do . . . I don’t know. Real Nessa is happy to see Phryne; Phryne does not seem quite as pleased. Maybe it’s all the people who are dead. I don’t know. I’m interested to see what will go down next episode, because I’m not really sure if Phryne will side completely with either party. I’m not sure I would side with an organization dumb enough to charge in a frontal assault against magical beings, either, even if they are all old ladies.

This would scare the fuck out of me. GET OFF MY COMPUTER SCREEN, NESSA


6 Responses to “Fractale 3 – Grand Theft Fractale”

  1. I’m not sure about who to side with either. It does seem like the show is telling us to stick it to the man, but it’s sending off mixed signals as well. Kinda interested to see where that all goes

    • Indeed. There’s obviously something not quite right with the Fractale system, but Lost Millennium isn’t squeaky clean either. It is nice to see the “freedom fighters” portrayed as not a totally good group.

  2. The whole Fractale plot reminds me of Toward the Terra

  3. The whole idea of Fractale is absolutely stupid, stupid, stupid. The leader’s a stupid bastard (and/or an alien).

    Wouldn’t it be much better if Fractale just took care of healthcare, food, etc.? And then, the leaders of Fractale did use terminals to brainwash them populace – but just to not commit crime? Then, the leadership could completely reveal everything they’re doing, and nobody would object – I mean, it’s a perfect, free, system, and if anyone objects, they can object.

    Would mean much more scientific progress and such.

    However, maybe that’s all part of their plan; there are way too little people in the Fractale system with the population we have today. It’s probably a ‘middle class’, where everybody lives just to live. The ‘lower class’ wouldn’t be able to afford the Fractale system (hey, for all we know, the Fractale system could just exist on that one little island, known as Japan), and just work as normal, and the ‘upper class’ are already up in the moon.

    Oh well, the show’s probably just gonna say ‘oh yeah, the Fractale system was developed by ALIENS go kill them now’ to us >_>

    • Those damn aliens and their wacky mind-control technology.

      I guess the Fractale system doesn’t brainwash for specific actions like that because then there would be no plot.

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