Kimi ni Todoke 30 – This Pissed Me Off in Escaflowne too

If I keep hammering away on the same points that frustrate me about Kimi ni Todoke week after week, then writing and reading these posts will become an awfully tedious experience, so I’ll try my best to avoid turning into a broken record. (It would be nice if the series evaded lame plot developments, but at the moment, this seems like too much to ask.)

Has the “guy who likes girl ‘accidentally’ happens upon girl with other guy” plot device ever worked decently for anything? It probably has, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything that pulled it off with any style. The one that pissed me off most was in Escaflowne, because I was super frustrated with the romance in the series, hated just about every character at that point (aside from my beloved Dilandau, of course, and he hadn’t been around for ages) and it was smack in the middle of an extraordinarily crappy run of episodes. Definitely the worst possible time for such a desperate plot twist.

So at least it’s not quite that bad in Kimi ni Todoke, but it’s not far off. In retrospect, though, it almost seems like destiny that this is how the story culminates, considering how the story has been handled to this point. But I won’t say more about that!

Well, I will say one more thing: Word on the grapevine is that some are raging about Kent. Personally, I can’t work up the gumption to get angry at him. Yes, Kent has made some bad assumptions, but it’s also Kazehaya’s waffling that is to blame for this. Of course people are going to misunderstand your behavior if you conduct yourself so cryptically. People in high school are dumbasses. (I include myself at this age, too.) You have to be obvious and clear to them, or they’ll make their own assumptions, which is what happened here. BTW, Sawako is guilty of this, too, although it’s less frustrating and more just plain sad with her.

So, yeah, what Kent’s doing is kind of sleazy, but I don’t think he is being deliberately malicious. He’s just a dumbass high schooler who is the victim of misunderstanding . . . like everyone else here. (Oops, getting into broken record mode. Shift gears, shift gears!)

I’m not the only one who was disappointed that the wedding didn’t get more time, right? Jeez, they make a big deal about Chizuru getting all dolled up and hitting the party with Ryu, seeing her former crush get married, and they show it for, like, a minute. This was a fuckin’ Cliffs Notes wedding, my god! I guess the series wanted to rush on to the next plot point (or maybe it’s this way in the manga, I dunno), but it’s just weird to see something get a decent amount of build and then get totally glossed over. Chizuru barely gets enough spotlight as it is.

Ah, whatever. I still like her. As long as Chizuru and Ayane are still around, there will always be some sunshine in Kimi ni Todoke to pierce the darkness of bad romance. Ryu, too. That’s one cool dude. I think Pin is more polarizing because he’s such a fucking dumbass, but I still enjoy him. How could you not love him being such an utter ass to Kazehaya and mocking his inability to score with Sawako? That is hilarious.

Keep it up, Pin. I still love ya.


9 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke 30 – This Pissed Me Off in Escaflowne too”

  1. fathomlessblue Says:

    The whole wedding section was anime-exclusive material, from what I remember a photograph (your second screencap) in a later chapter, is the only evidence of it taking place. So yeah, considering it’s the only new footage so far, I’ll take whatever I can get. More would be nice though, if only to avoid the current Kazehaya/Sawako tedium. I guess it was added to lighten the mood temporarily.

    I totally agree with you regarding Kent. He may be making things worse, but you can’t blame the guy for misunderstanding things. At least the guy’s clear enough with his opinions, however flawed they might be. This is why at this point, I’d support the guy over Kazehaya, if only because he’s the best of a bad bunch.

    This is by far the most irritating part of the manga, a completely unnecessary rehash of series 1 storylines, with forced drama elements for good measure. I wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the supporting cast getting nearly zero meaningful screentime. By my reckoning theres another 3-4 crappy episodes to come (unless they drag things out even further), which is pretty shitty considering this series is seemingly only 13 episodes long. Bah!

    In conclusion, this show needs waaay more Ayane, she’s like my anchor in a sea of misunderstandings. Screw Railgun, where’s her spinoff series! 😛

  2. I was disappointed that the whole wedding was so short, too. We saw Ayane and Chizuru picking out the dress in the previous episode and talk about the wedding, so you’d expect there to be some substance to the even. I was expecting some closure or resolve between Chizuru and Toru and maybe some progress between Chizu and Ryu. But no, it just kinda passed by, like you said.

    Anyway, I’m hoping there’s more screentime for Ryu soon. He always puts a smile on my face.

  3. Here’s something to think about: Did Kent make stuff up deliberately (i.e. he’s being a bastard) or not (i.e. he’s saying things based on his assumptions and beliefs)? Frankly, I can’t tell right now, but either way, I can’t bring myself up to hate him. He once said before to Yano-chin that he’s “a good guy”, and it sounded pretty genuine to me. Judging from his action alone, he may come off as a trickster but we still don’t know his intentions, so we still can’t judge and conclude what he really is trying to do. In short, is he doing this out of self-interest or for the two’s best interests?

    I’ll come out straight with another point: I think Kazehaya is so dense that HE’S the villain for letting this mess happen. I’m frustrated at him (and Sawako) the most, so you would understand where I’m coming from.

    • It’s true that it’s still too early to really tell about Kent’s motives, but as I wrote, it at least appears right now that he is being genuine. It at least appears that he has some sort of genuine interest in Sawako.

  4. “Has the “guy who likes girl ‘accidentally’ happens upon girl with other guy” plot device ever worked decently for anything?”
    It’s a very common trope in the shoujo manga world, which is just full of misunderstandings. But yea, it’s starting to turn into a cliche.

  5. I actually liked this episode. Not because of the never-ending drama between Kazehaya and Sawako but for what else. I wanted more Chizu X Ryu romance in the wedding but hearing all is exclusive content I’m satisfied with what we got.

    Pin non-stop insults were hilarious LOL! I like this series for the good share of dumb blunt characters who always say what you want to hear, then there is one who acts dumb too XP

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