Level E 6 – I Could Use a Battle Pocari Right Now

why does this geodude have a rock cock and stalactite pubes i don’t understand

Haha, of course Baka has the kids move from one staple of anime comedy — the sentai parody — to another staple: The RPG parody. Next week: dating sim?! I’m pretty sure Edward Elric is already working on one of his own, that saucy little player.

As far as RPG episodes go, this is fun (I enjoyed the robotic NPCs and the shot of the tedious numbers puzzle), though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the episodes before the kids came along. But meh, enough of me being a wet blanket; at least there is a hint of the alien teacher perhaps joining in next week (who would be a better ally than a hot alien assassin?), which would make things more fun. Especially with those tentacles she keeps under wraps . . .

BTW, even if Baka is dicking around with the kids, it’s still pretty impressive that he is able to build an entire planet with an RPG Maker-type game. I remember when that game first came out. I was really into RPGs at the time and wanted it desperately, but I don’t think I had a PlayStation at the time, and when I finally got one, RPG Maker was pretty scarce and fairly expensive. There are emulators, of course, but now I just would not have the dedication to build an entire game. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have had the dedication even when RPG Maker first came out, and the game definitely would have sucked.

So, yes, even if you’re a dick, Baka, I salute you and your work.

One thing I still enjoyed about the Color Ranger business is the childishness of it. Like the password being the name of the girl you like (damn that Baka and his network of Bothan spies), and some people being cool with it (I think most people that one guy who was into the ladies way earlier than everyone else), and others reacting like Baka said they’d have to shoot their mothers to get the bracelets off. At that age, I probably would have been in the latter group. So embarrassing~

Also enjoyed Blue and Yellow’s reaction to each others powers and how they didn’t take any of the craziness that seriously at all, even when they underwent hardcore level grinding. They didn’t really care that their powers were creating water bottles out of thin air and flashlight eyes. (Did Yellow Ranger get his hands on an HM before this whole deal started?) I kind of wonder about the mechanics of having flashlight eyes though. Wouldn’t that really hurt? Wouldn’t your eyes get fried? It’d be like staring straight into the sun, since the light doesn’t just come out of nowhere. In retrospect, Yellow Ranger is pretty badass since he presumably still has 20/20 vision.

I was a bit dubious when Black Ranger’s petrify spell actually worked on the mini-boss (no way that happens in most RPGs), but then I was informed that it might work in Dragon Quest, and since every anime RPG is Dragon Quest, I must defer to those who have played the series before.

And once again Takehito Koyasu steals the show. If there’s one thing the man does well, it’s comedy. Craft wants to help out the kids to get back at Baka, but at the same time, you can kind of tell he is losing most of his patience and already thinking about killing Baka dead. But after he eats his delicious watermelon, of course.


2 Responses to “Level E 6 – I Could Use a Battle Pocari Right Now”

  1. Oh man, Level E has been awesome from beginning to end.

    I’m seriously looking forward to the next episode; it’s done a good job of getting people hooked on the anime (with the exception of perhaps Episode 1, which is pretty weird).


  2. I can’t say I liked the Sentai parody last episode, but man I couldn’t stop laughing here! I’m amazed by some of the fresh ideas coming from an overused parody like RPG. Robotic lady so hit it haha. And Craft losing it is always appreciated! XD

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