Fractale 5 – Dance Break!

Two things we need more of in this world: Random dancing and high fives. Fractale has taken care of the former; now, please, do the latter.

Fractale has been a frustrating series to watch because it feels as if it’s underachieving, wasting the good stuff it has. The show has this interesting setting with interesting technology and a potentially interesting conflict, and it’s content to fill it up with nonsense and stupid, unfunny jokes. It’s basically the A Certain Magical Index of noitaminA, right down to me giving it the benefit of the doubt for way too long and for no good reason. I’m actually glad for once that a noitaminA series is just 11 episodes. Who knows how long I would go hoping beyond hope that one day Fractale cashes in on its potential?

Before anyone gets into the potential debate, though, for me, a show living up to its potential means that it’s good. That’s it. That’s the basic expectation I have for anything I watch. Sometimes shows raise those expectations by displaying the aptitude for doing so. Fractale‘s setting did that for me a bit, mostly because it’s the kind of setting that connects with me and that I find interesting. So I look forward to seeing how something like Fractale will utilize that . . . and, to be fair, it has utilized it, to an extent. There’s a basic conflict that is building from the setting, even though at the moment it boils down to, “You guys are evil!!” “Nuh uh, you are!!”

Ah well. I keep hoping Fractale will make me eat my words later by tying the world and plot together in a satisfying way (trust me, I’d gladly scarf down every word I’m typing if it meant we’d get a good, memorable series), but maybe it’s just satisfied pittering around for now and having old ladies tear the pants off little boys and making “OMG ECCHI” jokes. Can’t help but be disappointed if that’s the case.

I’m not a PLOT PLOT PLOT ALL THE TIME 24/7 GOGOGO guy, but nearly halfway through the series, I hope the main conflict becomes more interesting. I’d have something of more interest to say, but I got distracted for an hour voting in the annual Anime-Planet awards on their message board. Take a look if you’ve got some time to spare. Also, weep with me for the lack of good completed mecha this year. It is truly a sad sight.


8 Responses to “Fractale 5 – Dance Break!”

  1. Maybe it will make you nomnom these words but I think that’s high hopes on both our parts >.>

    HUZZA for AP voting! always good for laughs to see what the masses enjoy on a forum hehehe. lack of mecha, sci-fi AND horror make chii very sad 😦

  2. I’ll mark this winter off as an off-season for Noitamina

    (Yes, Wandering Son is crap too)

    • I’m waiting until Wandering Son is finished until I watch it. For whatever reason, it strikes me as a show I’d rather marathon (or close to it) than watch once a week.

  3. Bad Scamp! Wandering Son is great at what it’s doing. On the other hand, I’ve lost all enthusiasm I had for Fractale when it began, but I’m still interested enough to see where this mess ends up, at least as a cautionary tale.

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