Level E 7 – Baka Always Gets His Way

Stupid, sexy Baka. Stop taking advantage of being a princess . . .

I haven’t been that high on this arc, but this closing episode is pretty damn funny. The best part is the kids actually getting in a few shots on Baka by using the logic of his game universe against him. When Baka started describing this awesome, godlike attack he invented to tempt players to be as destructive as he is, you just knew that he’d get a Golden Hammer to the face like he deserved. (Except I bet the GaoGaiGar fans among us — myself included — were shouting, “GOLDION HAMMER” instead. :p)

Also love how Baka’s plans fall apart because he didn’t play test his world enough. See, this is why you need proper game design! If Baka had taken the time to make sure his Demon Lord filled its role properly and didn’t go rogue, then the kids would have been fucked; instead, they took advantage of the game’s bugs and stomped the crap out of the game. These kids will make a fine quintet of nerds.

And, of course, the biggest laugh for me is the bait and switch with Rina actually being home sick and Baka being the princess. The show wasn’t being subtle about it (you can tell something is up when it’s making a point of highlighting that Rina is absent from class along with the boys), but the reveal is a great laugh nonetheless. Baka is in an anime, so it’s not as if crossdressing is a big deal, anyway. There was probably crossplay fanart of him long before this episode aired.

You know you want to rescue him.

Baka’s “relationship” with Gen. Luci is hilarious as well. He marches in like a badass (and looking like the Shredder) and scares the crap out of a bunch of little kids, but when gets back to castle, sweet castle, he immediately turns into a henpecked fiance. He may as well been asking Baka if they had any butter left in the fridge, or if there were any spare AAA batteries left. And that comment about not using any toys tonight? What a cheeky man that Baka is~

This episode did keep me on my toes with the Demon Lord, though. I kept expecting some sort of trick at the end (hard not to when the guy looks like a mini-Baka), but alas, he was on the level, probably because he just copied Baka’s appearance rather than his personality. He’s kind of a wussy Demon Lord, though. No wonder Baka kicked his ass and took over the planet so soon after the kids got back to Earth. Jeez, protect your territory with a bit more urgency next time, Demon Lord!

I love the bit of synthpop that plays during this eye catch. Fuckin’ hilarious.

Level E is still the best of the few shows I’m watching this season. (Still need to watch the latest Madoka Magica, which I always put off for several days for whatever reason.) Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!


6 Responses to “Level E 7 – Baka Always Gets His Way”

  1. While I don’t think Level E is brilliant or thought provoking, I have to say it continues to surprise and entertain. A lot of fun, and well worth watching for the laughs.

    • Yeah, something like Madoka Magica is more thought-provoking, but as far as straight up entertainment goes, Level E is my show this season.

  2. Maybe I wasn’t in a good mood because I hardly laugh watching this episode. Can’t say it’s not fun though

  3. Kaitune Says:

    Stupid sexy baka!

    (I was going to complain that he turns me gay before realizing that I’m a woman. Then realizes again that he did technically make me gay for his princessy self. Damn.)

    While I have to give points to Madoka for the coherent of the story (which may not be a very good judging standard considering that these two series are from very different genres), I enjoy Level E a lot more. As much as it is entertaining to watch a really dramatic series, I am stressed enough from my job that the ‘OH SHIT’ factor of the show sometimes make me hesitate to watch it. I guess I am more of a comedy person.

  4. I liked chibi-Baka. No one gives a damn about poor demons in RPGs but he did. He wants to do his duty right and create a peaceful world for them, how noble that Demon Lord is! XD

    Awesome closure for sure. I wasn’t a fan of this arc myself but that kept me really satisfied in the end.

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