Kimi ni Todoke 32 – Dino Saucers

Can’t believe I have never written about this before, but has anyone else ever noticed that when the characters in Kimi ni Todoke are in profile, they look like freaky dinosaur people?

Seriously, it’s like the eighth ending of Chrono Trigger up in here. This has bugged me since I first watched Kimi ni Todoke. They look fine in all other instances, but when in profile . . . ew, just creepy as hell. What the hell is up with that? (Also, the disappearing eyes when characters’ hair flips in front of their face freaks the hell out me as well. This happens to Kazehaya a lot. It looks like his skull has caved in. Yuck.)

Anyway, this episode isn’t quite as frustrating as the previous one, but there are a number of moments that made me facepalm. I can kind of understand Sawako because such a social retard. Even if I think the show is stretching her self-esteem issues a bit too far (she’s like fuckin’ Shinji Ikari at this point), I can at least see how Sawako would get the wrong idea how Kazehaya, even though practically the whole school telling her what a dumbass she is should have clued her in at this point.

Shouldn’t Kazehaya know better, though? What’s his excuse? Blah blah blah he likes Sawako blah blah blah he doesn’t want to push her too hard because she’s such a fragile Yamato Nadeshiko flower blah blah blah whatever. I see what the show’s feeding me, but I’m flipping that shit off the table. After seeing how Sawako fawns over him so much, how could he possibly think Sawako finds him annoying? I could understand that feeling from Sawako — she’s the one with mondo self-esteem issues, and it takes 50 trillion people affirming someone’s feelings for her to know that she is liked.

But Kazehaya is a normal dude. People enjoy his company. He doesn’t have a problem making friends or being friendly with people. If you can interact easily with people, it’s not that difficult to see when your presence is genuinely appreciated. Sawako has never before given him even the slightest indication that she finds him annoying other than this “OH I DON’T LIKE HIM IN THAT WAY BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD MISUNDERSTAND DERP” bullshit that came out of nowhere (from his point of view). And suddenly he thinks Sawako hates him? Jesus, grow a pair, dude.

I feel sorry for Kent, too. Why’s the guy getting shit on so much? It’s not his fault Sawako and Kazehaya are crazy retarded. At least his misunderstanding is understandable, and he actually realized when he fucked up and tried to make amends (even though he fucked up even more). There’s nothing really malicious coming from him. So what if he has somewhat selfish intentions? Guess who else does: Every high schooler on the fucking planet. The guy hopes to make one little move while Kazehaya is off in Pussy Land and suddenly Kent is fucking Satan because he pissed off the in-universe shippers.

But, hey, whatever, as long as there is someone to blame aside from Sawako and Kazehaya themselves. People can’t make their own decisions or anything like that, no sir. When Kurumi is the one talking sense, you know you’re in trouble. Even Chizuru couldn’t help but agree when Kurumi said that she didn’t force Sawako to withhold the chocolate from Kazehaya; that was her choice. Kurumi was being an a-hole, of course, but damn, it’s freaking chocolate. It’s begging to be given to  people.

Pah, whatever. Just give me more of Pin dicking around, and I will be happy.


5 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke 32 – Dino Saucers”

  1. I feel sorry for Kent too. I said that before and girls were just THIS close to eating me alive haha. I thought how convenient, let’s cheer for the idiots and direct our frustration on poor Kent in there. >,>

  2. Care to draw a crappy paint outline to illustrate your dinosaur comparison?

  3. Desbreko Says:

    Damnit, Shin, I just watched this episode and now I cannot unsee dinosaur people.

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