Fractale 6 – Wait, Those Guys Are Actually Jerks!

I don’t know about you all, but I was absolutely SHOCKED that this faction of Lost Millennium violently coerces people to fight with them! What meanies!

With each episode, I find myself less interested in the big picture conflict (Lost Millennium vs. the Fractale system) and more interested in the personal stuff . . . when it’s done well, anyway. These new folks are just so melodramatically evil that I can’t help but laugh. When they gunned down the deserter in cold blood? HILARIOUS. They lure people in with soup and vaccines and force them into becoming freedom fighters. How is that not funny? The execution is just unbelievably silly. I can’t take it seriously.

What makes it worse is that it’s obvious to the audience that this new group is the EVIL Lost Millennium. Dias gets all his knowing looks that signal to the audience that the pilot has just turned on the “This guy does Bad Things” sign. So Clain can fawn all over them for handing out soup and vaccines to the poor, huddled masses, and then feel betrayed when they gun people down. And the Good Lost Millennium gets the moral high ground. Everybody wins! Hooray!

I thought the tiff between Phryne and Clain was kind of silly, too, because at that point in time the characters hadn’t seen anything that marked the other group as particularly bad, but to be fair, there’s always the chance that Phryne had come across this other Lost Millennium in the past and knew what they were about. It seems kind of silly to assume that Good Lost Millennium is the only group to have some sort of interest in Phryne, particularly considering how high profile she is.

So, yeah, I was much more interested in the “random old dying dude is actually Clain’s father” story. It’s actually sort of touching and interesting despite what surrounds it. The father clearly knows the son since he’s specifically taking pictures of Clain, but Clain didn’t recognize the guy at all. Makes you wonder just how long he has been separated from the ‘rents. I kind of remember seeing a picture of Clain’s parents in a previous episode, but that might just be my mind playing tricks on me. Does anyone remember if Clain had a picture of his parents somewhere in his house? I want to say he did, but my brain is just too foggy right now.

This story does bring up a few plot questions, though: It doesn’t seem to work if Clain’s dad has been hanging out in this dead zone for a long time. Whatever connection he can get to the Fractale network appears to be tenuous at best, and yet there’s no real choppiness when his doppel communicates with Clain. And I think it would be absurd to suggest that Clain’s father finds himself in this predicament mere days after talking with Clain over the Fractale system. His impoverished appearance says that he’s been there a good while.

In the comments of his Fractale post, Scamp suggests that perhaps the doppels work on their own — you just turn the doppel on, and it does its own thing. I’m a bit dubious though. Even ignoring the technological side of it (is the doppel on all day, waiting for people to connect to it?), are the people of Fractale really so lazy that they need a computer to take care of even their most basic social interactions? That seems rather pointless to me. Why even have a doppel in that case?

Although, I suppose, one scenario in which that suggestion may hold water is if the Fractale system is some kind of sentient asshole — a Prince Baka computer, if you will, that enjoys fucking around with its subjects by assuming the forms of random doppels and messing with people’s heads. You never know.

I like his mustache. It’s pretty classy.


4 Responses to “Fractale 6 – Wait, Those Guys Are Actually Jerks!”

  1. Desbreko Says:

    I figured the old dying dude was Clain’s grandfather or uncle or something, rather than his father. His voice doesn’t match Clain’s father’s doppel, but in the video of his parents in ep1, the voice did match.

    • Hm, that might make sense, too. If that’s the case, though, then it’s kind of a dick move by the writers to leave it so ambiguous and confusing.

  2. kary brown Says:

    you guys are forgetting the fact this his mom could have remarried

    • I would say, “That’s really stupid and would come out of nowhere!” but that wouldn’t exactly be unheard of in this series.

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