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Kimi ni Todoke 36-37 – Pastel Party (END)

Posted in Kimi ni Todoke with tags on 03/31/2011 by Shinmaru

Thought about making separate posts for the final two episodes, but since they aired together, I may as well post about them together, right?

Anyway, the ride is over, and considering how the second season began, it might be a slight shock that Kimi ni Todoke has actually come to a close now! (Ah, the days of me ranting about how long the series could keep the retarded misunderstandings in perpetuity seem so far away . . .) It’s a sweet ending, and I think everything is wrapped up in a relatively strong way. I actually wouldn’t be adverse to a third season, just because it’s so rare to see a relationship in anime develop past the point of confession, but I doubt it happens.

Out of curiosity, a question to those who are reading the manga and watching the anime: Is the anime still remaining faithful to the manga? Or did Production I.G step in and say, “Man, we gotta end this now” and have Kazehaya and Sawako hook up? Because if the manga is still keeping the cockblocking going, then that’s kind of ridiculous, but if it’s developing the relationship, then that might be interesting.

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Level E 12 – Forever a Bachelor

Posted in Level E with tags on 03/29/2011 by Shinmaru

I’m not really sure whether to take this cliffhanger seriously or not. It’s certainly set up like a traditional cliffhanger (“What’s written on the paper?!”), but given Baka’s wild card status, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this turned upside down and rendered a moot point soon. (Kind of like Fractale, except on purpose.) Then again, Yukitaka and Miho wouldn’t gasp for no reason; they certainly aren’t playing along with Baka. Hm . . .

Well, whatever. Baka’s mission right now is to stay a swinging bachelor so that he can have time to play MMORPGs with kids and stow away on buses to catch the Koshien whenever he wants. Someone’s deathly afraid of being tied down. Some folks just don’t have it in them to settle down, though. Can you imagine Baka as a family man? He’d be like Calvin’s dad from Calvin and Hobbes in full on “I’m going to fuck with my kid’s brain and tell outrageous lies” mode 24/7. That kid would be undeniably messed up, but at the same time . . . it would be funny, right?

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SaiMecha – The Robots that Rev My Engine

Posted in Random Shit on 03/28/2011 by Shinmaru

I don’t know how many people are left who read this rinky-dink circus of mine and are also still unaware of the SaiMecha tournament being arranged by ExecutiveOtaku of THAT Anime Blog, but just in case, it’s a tournament to find the bestest mecha ever as voted on by The People, including yourself, if you are so inclined. There are no particular criteria for voting — vote however you want, and that’s that. If the most popular wins, then so be it; if a robot wins for an entirely different set of reasons, then that’s cool, too. For me, I’d be happy just to see people get interested in a series or two that they might not have heard of before.

Also, you too can participate in the selection process by nominating up to 15 robots for participation in the tournament. I believe the 32 with the highest number of votes will be entered in the tournament, so every vote counts! EO is flexible with his definition of “mecha”, too, as you’ll see from a couple of my nominations. So submit your lists to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com, or if you’re really lazy, then comment hereĀ  with your picks and I’ll make sure he gets the list.

Anyway, I’ve already submitted mine to the man, but I may as well record the picks here for posterity. I’d say I am in between most of the people participating in the tournament — I’ve seen enough to be more than a casual robot fan, but not quite enough to be considered among the most hardcore of the hardcore. I’ve also never been mechanically inclined, so I never got deep into specs and whatnot when it comes to the ‘bots. My love is more primal and childlike — I want my robots to be some cool motherfuckers.

Also, enough Gainax to piss off karry. What up, buddy!

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Fractale 10 – Stuff Happens

Posted in Fractale with tags on 03/27/2011 by Shinmaru

Hey, the older woman is jealous of the younger one? You never see that anywhere! That’s the kind of novel storytelling I’ve come to expect from Fractale.

So, uh, that was something. Instead of making the villains interesting, let’s make them all crazy and/or petty and vindictive. What reaction are you supposed to have to this stuff when the story has been built in such a shoddy way so far? When what’s her face drew Phryne in with the crocodile tears and then started choking the life out of her, I couldn’t help but laugh. The whole thing was totally predictable (even Goku doesn’t fall for this shit anymore), and we’ve seen so little of this priestess that the extreme behavior out of nowhere is ridiculous rather than shocking. She may as well have been force feeding Phryne dog food like in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

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Kimi ni Todoke 35 – FINALLY.

Posted in Kimi ni Todoke with tags on 03/23/2011 by Shinmaru

And they raised a gigantic herd of baby raptors together . . .

So, hey, the moment the series has built to from the very beginning has finally arrived! I’d probably happier about it or in a pile of sentimental goo if there hadn’t been so many dumb, frustrating stalling tactics earlier in the series, but the actual moment is fairly sweet, and I like the way Sawako steels herself beforehand. It really does feel as if she has changed, and it’s not just her saying she’s changed because the plot demands it to be so. Go Sawako!

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Level E 11 – Subconscious Strikes

Posted in Level E with tags on 03/21/2011 by Shinmaru

Hm, I’m not entirely sure I got the resolution to this episode, so let me try to write it out, and if anyone thinks he or she understood it better than I did, then please offer an alternative explanation . . .

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Fractale 9 – God Is Tech Support

Posted in Fractale with tags on 03/19/2011 by Shinmaru

This is what I felt like doing to myself all throughout this scene . . .

(By the way, for anyone wondering where the new Kimi ni Todoke episode is, the next one isn’t running until March 21. I’m actually surprised any anime has been airing during this trying period in Japan, but then again, having some anime still on TV would probably help instill a sense of normalcy for some folks . . . the ones who stay up late watching cartoons, anyway.)

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Level E 10 – Don’t Mess with Mermaids

Posted in Level E with tags on 03/15/2011 by Shinmaru

I like the hitman look the mermaid has going on this episode. Fitting her fins into those shoes must have been a bitch, though.

Anyway, I’m kind of impressed that Level E manages to pull off a solid serious episode involving the Color Rangers. What?? I think it’s because this episode is made with slightly more style than usual. The gun scene is particularly killer (pun intended, direct your tomatoes in this direction). The gun point of view, silent screaming and then the blood spatter on the screen — good, visceral touches right there.

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Fractale 8 – I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This, But …

Posted in Fractale with tags on 03/12/2011 by Shinmaru

. . . more Nessa, please?! Or, to be more exact, more Nessa blowing shit up. I still don’t care about bouncy, happy-go-lucky retard Nessa.

I think Digiboy is basically spot on with his post about the episode. How is the audience supposed to care about what is happening when there are three episodes remaining, and we have but the vaguest idea of what is going on right now? There’s a lot of stuff thrown out there: The Fractale system, Lost Millennium, technology vs. nature, the key to the world, clones, virgin detectors, and so on and so forth. But that’s the problem right there — a lot of what’s used to cobble together the plot feels as if it’s just thrown out there with no regard to forming a coherent, cohesive narrative.

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We owe a bit of help.

Posted in Serious Business on 03/11/2011 by Shinmaru

I am not certain how many people there are who both read my rinky-dink little blog and are somehow unaware of the earthquake in Japan at this late stage of the day, but take a moment to read if you haven’t heard the news yet. It’s a terrible situation, although thankfully Japan is more prepared for this than anywhere in the world, so while the damage is truly terrible (hundreds of Japanese are dead), it is not nearly as bad as it could have been if an earthquake of this magnitude had struck elsewhere in Asia (or many other places in the world). And, thankfully, everyone I know in Japan — personally or as online acquaintances — seems to be OK. Hopefully, it is likewise for all of you.

Like ExecutiveOtaku over at THAT, I also encourage anyone with the means to do so to donate to your relief effort of choice. If any of us can lend a hand to our friends all over the globe, then I think we’re obligated to do so. The response after Hurricane Katrina was massive, after all, so should we not repay the world in kind? Personally, I donated to the GlobalGiving relief fund; it seems like a reputable organization to me. The Red Cross is also an option, of course, and I’m sure there will be plenty of other charitable organizations pitching in to help out. Even a few dollars is helpful.

Hopefully the relief effort goes as smoothly as possible in these trying times.