Level E 8 – Love at First Sight Is the Destroyer

We all deify the Power of Love, but see where it gets us? Earth will explode into little bits of impotence if our insectoid overlords decide to give mankind the sting. See where love at first sight gets you? In this case, instead of divorce, it’s the extinction of our species.

But I did enjoy the cynical take on the idea of love at first sight — two people jump in not knowing what to expect, and it is fated to end with utter destruction. Not very romantic! Also enjoyed how the episode gets the viewer to root against true love taking place, unless, you know, you’re cool with humanity dying out. (And a few people probably would be OK with that.) I was definitely on Kraft’s side in all this, and was facepalming at Colin throughout the episode. Love is one thing, but you can’t sacrifice all those people so that one dude can get laid. Come on, man!

But, of course, the twist is that there will be no “traditional” laying to do at all. What I liked about the twist is that it cast everything about the story in a different light in a good way, especially the innocuous conversation Sade and Colin had, where they thought about who was to “blame” for the fight between Mikihisa and the other girl whose name I am forgetting right now because I’m a lazy dumbass. Even the alien who adheres to rigorous science can make simplistic judgments like “Eh, it’s the girl’s fault because she should know that you go to a hotel to get laid”. Slightly more complicated than that . . .

I do feel kind of bad about what could potentially happen in the next episode, though — it’d suck for Mikihisa to get spurned by two gals on the same night. Though, you never know with insect aliens: Maybe Saki has some crazy hermaphrodite biological make-up, and she won’t let something like gender get in the way of her romancin’ . . . and we’re pretty much fucked. So, uh, the choice is either voting against yuri or voting against the survival of mankind. Tough call.[/man answer]

I wonder how Baka will figure into the next episode, though. They can’t seriously stick him in a jungle watching insects fuck for another episode, right? I want Baka to swoop in and screw this situation up as much as possible. As much as I’d feel bad for poor Kraft being forced to deal with more epic damage control, the show can’t keep Baka chained up again. It goes against everything that is good and right in the world. Unleash the Baka, Level E. You know you want to. Do it.

Also, I wasn’t the only one hoping Kraft’s tour of Earth would go on longer, right? I wanted to hear more of him totally trashing our planet. “The most popular sporting event here is ‘baseball’, where you hit a round object with sticks and run around. We don’t understand it either . . .” Plus, you know you’re curious about Kraft’s opinion on domestic and foreign policy. I’m sure he has a few ideas to whip Earth into shape. If he can successfully deal with Baka everyday, I am sure Earth would be a cakewalk for Kraft.



7 Responses to “Level E 8 – Love at First Sight Is the Destroyer”

  1. What an excellent depiction of the selfishness of love. “I don’t care if the whole world is destroyed, as long as I can be together with the woman I love.”

  2. Calling it now: That guy isn’t a women. It’s just because the girl he went with reserved the room for her girl friend originally to fool her parents

    • I’ll keep this comment in mind if that’s the twist, then! Also, that would be a good laugh right away at the start of the next episode.

  3. I have no idea about how to contact you so i just going to say this in your most resent post

    Durarara episode 25 came out

  4. Kaitune Says:

    I guess Saki would be among one of the less appealing girls for writers to put in their hentai doujinshis (not that Level E seems like the kind of series that would get plenty of non-yaoi fanbooks. Then again, unexpectedly obsessed fans have proven me wrong before).

  5. […] before I forget, both Scamp and myself were sort of correct about direction in which this story would head, but not quite […]

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