Fractale 7 – Creepy Old Man

Damn this old man and his Master Asia cosplay! He dishonors the title of Undefeated of the East!

Seriously, though, I guess no matter how old a guy gets, he never loses his taste for the titties. His doppel is freaking stacked, my god. I suppose when your spinal column is comprised of data, then you don’t have to worry about the strain of carrying prize-winning melons around all day. But why is he seducing little boys and putting dresses on them? You gotta get action where you can, I guess. Yuck.

Still mixed feelings on the show overall. At least the end of this episode signifies that something will happen: Clain’s been shot (why couldn’t it be Nessa instead?), and oh so conveniently Barrot and his people show up like sharks. But I’d rather things happen oh so conveniently then nothing happen at all, so whatever. The Fractale system is really falling apart from the looks of things, so everyone in the holy magic kingdom must be pretty desperate to have Phryne and Nessa do whatever they need to do to keep the system going. And Clain . . . well, he can just lay there and bleed to death. No big loss for the evil folks.

But, yes, score another one for the “Fractale system is hilariously evil and inspires decadence and btw the violent Lost Millennium group is totally good because there’s a worse Lost Millennium group out there!” construction of the show. The Fractale system does good things, but it also causes those who use it to become clingy and jealous whenever someone threatens their poor system. How dare you get in the way of that paraplegic running Xanadu’s black market! So mean!

By the way, Lost Millennium let Clain borrow a flying machine? What? Facepalm central. What if he were to, you know, fly away with the damn thing? The odds that he would do so without Phryne are admittedly low, but if they’re stupid enough to give Clain a flying machine in the first place, then I would bet they’d be retarded enough to allow Phryne onboard as well. As it is, Clain’s dumb ass crashed the thing and wasted a resource for Lost Millennium. But I guess it was worth it to let him go out and take crappy pictures. He’s just going through a photography phase like Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation.


4 Responses to “Fractale 7 – Creepy Old Man”

  1. I am more concerned to what happened to the camera than what happened to Clain.

  2. I watched 06 and 07.

    What a fucking idiot I was.

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