Level E 9 – Sexy Time

What would be the female insectoid equivalent of a cock block? Because Baka and company totally pulled that off on Saki.

Sure, she gets laid and contributes toward the growth of her species, but according to Saki’s talk with her mother (and they must be really close if that conversation didn’t turn awkward in a hurry, or perhaps these insects are just really open about sex because humans are the universe’s prudes), doing the nasty isn’t the height of ecstasy for them. No, it’s the feeling of watching an entire species die in the afterglow of mating that’s the best part (I imagine each generation’s queen smoking some sort of space cigarette while this is happening). But that’s not going to happen now . . . I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of a frustrated, horny insect, let me tell you.

Also, before I forget, both Scamp and myself were sort of correct about direction in which this story would head, but not quite enough to get bragging points. I thought the queen would be some sort of insect hermaphrodite, but Kyouko is (I assume) intersex instead, so I just had the plot device switched. Meanwhile, Scamp thought Kyouko flat out would not be a woman at all, and in that respect he is partially correct but not really since this isn’t what he had in mind but not really. Anyway, the point is I needed some random topic to fill a paragraph in this post, and this aside filled that role perfectly.

Getting back to the topic of hot insect-on-human clone sexual relations and the crafting thereof, I am impressed with how advanced and convenient to the plot alien technology is. Only a few months to create a fully grown human clone, infuse it with a lifetime of memories, and invent a cure for a virus that had endured for what I assume to be at least thousands (if not millions) of years prior to this point? That is some good work, I say.

By the way, this whole storyline comes off to me like what might have been the end result of H. P. Lovecraft deciding to write the gooiest love story he could possibly conjure. Of course, he would never be able to muster enough sympathy for humanity to give the human half of the relationship a properly happy ending, so the aliens are the ones who end up on top. Yeah, Kyouko gets some sympathetic moments to show that she’s led a tough life in search of romance, but ultimately her role in the story is insignificant except as an object of insectoid desire.

It’s kind of funny: Usually when we think of Lovecraftian horror, it’s the human realization that we’re tiny specks in a vast universe that houses powerful entities that don’t give a fuck about us, and humans being driven to madness as a result of that knowledge. Control isn’t just ripped away; we never had it in the first place. Scary.

But it seems to me that Level E is unleashing a new horror: The Lovecraftian one-night stand. Kraft says it straight out: Saki is basically after Kyouko’s genes. Sade poo-poos the idea of love at first sight, but it’s something the Macbac believe in and use to find superior genes. But that’s about as far as it goes. They don’t know or especially care about human constructs of love — the elder gods, so to speak, just wanna get laid and fuck the consequences, because the humans will deal with that shit on their own. So in this scenario, humanity is upgrading from “not mattering at all in the universe” to “not mattering at all in the universe and raising killer baby insects”. So that’s fun.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to the other idea Baka had, by the way? I was thinking alien abortion all the way, but something tells me Baka could conjure something more offensive than that.


One Response to “Level E 9 – Sexy Time”

  1. black dalek Says:

    well, for the face of that poor guy and the hurry to don’t let baka say it again, maybe have something related to.. er cut something at the right moment?

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