We owe a bit of help.

I am not certain how many people there are who both read my rinky-dink little blog and are somehow unaware of the earthquake in Japan at this late stage of the day, but take a moment to read if you haven’t heard the news yet. It’s a terrible situation, although thankfully Japan is more prepared for this than anywhere in the world, so while the damage is truly terrible (hundreds of Japanese are dead), it is not nearly as bad as it could have been if an earthquake of this magnitude had struck elsewhere in Asia (or many other places in the world). And, thankfully, everyone I know in Japan — personally or as online acquaintances — seems to be OK. Hopefully, it is likewise for all of you.

Like ExecutiveOtaku over at THAT, I also encourage anyone with the means to do so to donate to your relief effort of choice. If any of us can lend a hand to our friends all over the globe, then I think we’re obligated to do so. The response after Hurricane Katrina was massive, after all, so should we not repay the world in kind? Personally, I donated to the GlobalGiving relief fund; it seems like a reputable organization to me. The Red Cross is also an option, of course, and I’m sure there will be plenty of other charitable organizations pitching in to help out. Even a few dollars is helpful.

Hopefully the relief effort goes as smoothly as possible in these trying times.

2 Responses to “We owe a bit of help.”

  1. […] Giving is another reputable organization, which other bloggers like Executive Otaku and Shinmaru. Again, you can either visit their web site and donate whatever amount that you want or you can […]

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