Level E 10 – Don’t Mess with Mermaids

I like the hitman look the mermaid has going on this episode. Fitting her fins into those shoes must have been a bitch, though.

Anyway, I’m kind of impressed that Level E manages to pull off a solid serious episode involving the Color Rangers. What?? I think it’s because this episode is made with slightly more style than usual. The gun scene is particularly killer (pun intended, direct your tomatoes in this direction). The gun point of view, silent screaming and then the blood spatter on the screen — good, visceral touches right there.

I like the idea of the mermaid species, too, although they must be horrible to live with. Imagine having one of those mermaids as a roommate? Sure, the idea seems nice at first since she is so beautiful, but she kills when you lie . . . and I have to assume that includes little white lies, too.

“Did you use my toothbrush this morning??”

“. . . No, of course I did–”

“*shoots tongue through roommate’s brain*”

Now that’s a species that really values honesty. Could any of us handle being 100 percent honest whenever we’re around this mermaid? Does she even kill regarding lies that don’t really relate to her at all? What if you’re being polite and saying Jay Leno is OK when you really think he’s a shit comedian, only you just want to avoid a dumb argument? Imagine dying because of Jay Leno, that bastard.

And you’d really have to watch what you say around the mermaid in regards to promises. Look at all the hoops the poacher had to jump through just so that he wouldn’t be a liar when he made a dumb promise. That could be any one of us if we ever met that mermaid. We should all be thinking about what comes out of our mouths before we speak, of course, but it would have to be taken to the extreme with this mermaid.

Another thing: I wonder if the mermaid has any concept of irony/sarcasm. Baka has a devious sense of humor, but if there’s one concept comedic science-fiction has mined for humor, it’s that aliens are Serious and take what is said to them at face value. What if the mermaid were like that? (I don’t think we see enough of her to be able to judge from this single episode.) You’d better kiss sarcasm good bye, then. I’m pretty sure that instinctual tongue is not particularly discerning. A lie is a lie, even if it’s a lie meant to let your friend know what a dumbass he or she is, and has no intended purpose beyond that.

So while this mermaid seems pretty awesome at first glance, it is my contention that even being in the same vicinity with one of them would be a pain in the ass. I bet the Edward Elric Color Ranger is especially going to regret this friendship in 20 years when he is cheating on his wife with his 10th mistress but has to find some way to deny it to the mermaid, or else he dies.

In conclusion, I love any series that allows me to go on the tangents I just rode. Thank you, Level E. Thank you.


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