Fractale 9 – God Is Tech Support

This is what I felt like doing to myself all throughout this scene . . .

(By the way, for anyone wondering where the new Kimi ni Todoke episode is, the next one isn’t running until March 21. I’m actually surprised any anime has been airing during this trying period in Japan, but then again, having some anime still on TV would probably help instill a sense of normalcy for some folks . . . the ones who stay up late watching cartoons, anyway.)

Anyway, back to Fractale. There’s finally some urgency now, along with confirmation that Phryne + Nessa = God, or something like that. And that putting them together will keep the Fractale system from suffering entropy death. (Entropy is quite the popular concept this season.) Also, both Lost Millennium and the Fractale folks will battle to the death now. Good times; fun for the whole family. Maybe we’ll at least get a couple of fun dogfights before the series concludes. I doubt it, but you never know.

But, yes, with the whole Fractale entropy thing, I guess the system itself isn’t specifically a giant ass computer? Or maybe the writers are just tossing out the idea of entropy because it sounds cool, and having God fix up the system because that also sounds cool. Didn’t know God was a card-carrying member of the Geek Squad, but hey. I’m not really sure how this whole rebooting process would go down — don’t know if we’d get an explanation, either, but I’m not especially torn up about that since I’m half-certain the folks behind the show don’t know how it would go down, either. But I bet there is a bright white flash involved.

Here is Clain getting punched again, because it makes me laugh.

Also, it’s hilarious that the show spends all that time making . . . wait, let me look up his name . . . Dias out to be such an asshole, and yet he’s the one who provides the rallying cry for everyone in Lost Millennium to sack up and bring the fight to Fractale. So I guess he’s good again! Hooray! Those episodes where he acted like a dick were meaningless! Awesome!

Random tangent: So, that Moeran lady is revealed to be another Phryne clone who is all grown up but somehow doesn’t have magical powers or anything. That’s not the point . . . I’m just wondering if the old ladies are also Phryne clones. I don’t think they are, but how funny would it be if this whole kingdom were made up of wannabe Hamdo at the top and a shitload of Phryne clones? Now I wish this were actually the case. Can we go back in time and write this twist into the plot? Not as if it would be any more ridiculous than what we have already seen from the story.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But, seriously, how dumb was this scene? It’s bit like this that scream out for some sort of anime cliche bingo. Yeesh.


9 Responses to “Fractale 9 – God Is Tech Support”

  1. I don’t even know what happened during this ep, I was incapable of paying attention. DROPPED. Nice pic btw.

  2. Want to pretend your anime is deep? Say the big bad guy is trying to be God. That worked for other great anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Roots Search

  3. This episode really felt like the point when all the character interactions & plot reveals finally came to a head, and it’s pretty clear that that’s what they were going for. Unfortunately, the show did such a poor job planting the seeds and nurturing the development of the characters and story that when it came time for fruition, it was nothing but an empty shell.

    Like Clain’s double-Nessa harem. There simply is no chemistry there, romantic or otherwise. So Phryne leaving at the end was just… something that happened. Not dramatic.

    Contrast with episode 9 of the other Noitamina show this season, Wandering Son, which had successfully built up everything leading up to it and hit with a lot of impact when it finally started cashing everything in.

  4. awesome screen shot is awesome.

    Dias is still the asshole in this whole facade but I still like him. He’s like the ingredient that makes a dish complete

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