SaiMecha – The Robots that Rev My Engine

I don’t know how many people are left who read this rinky-dink circus of mine and are also still unaware of the SaiMecha tournament being arranged by ExecutiveOtaku of THAT Anime Blog, but just in case, it’s a tournament to find the bestest mecha ever as voted on by The People, including yourself, if you are so inclined. There are no particular criteria for voting — vote however you want, and that’s that. If the most popular wins, then so be it; if a robot wins for an entirely different set of reasons, then that’s cool, too. For me, I’d be happy just to see people get interested in a series or two that they might not have heard of before.

Also, you too can participate in the selection process by nominating up to 15 robots for participation in the tournament. I believe the 32 with the highest number of votes will be entered in the tournament, so every vote counts! EO is flexible with his definition of “mecha”, too, as you’ll see from a couple of my nominations. So submit your lists to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com, or if you’re really lazy, then comment here  with your picks and I’ll make sure he gets the list.

Anyway, I’ve already submitted mine to the man, but I may as well record the picks here for posterity. I’d say I am in between most of the people participating in the tournament — I’ve seen enough to be more than a casual robot fan, but not quite enough to be considered among the most hardcore of the hardcore. I’ve also never been mechanically inclined, so I never got deep into specs and whatnot when it comes to the ‘bots. My love is more primal and childlike — I want my robots to be some cool motherfuckers.

Also, enough Gainax to piss off karry. What up, buddy!

In no particular order . . .

Gunbuster — Gunbuster

So cool that it makes you wait for it to show up, and then it greets you with a pose like the above screenshot. A robot that exudes an air of arrogance? Sign me the hell up. Plus, it’s basically the great grandpa of the Evangelion and Gurren Lagann robots, like Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario World and Super Mario 64, except if you blew up space bugs in Super Mario Bros. instead of fighting giant turtles.

Gurren Lagann — Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

So after that, I have to push it further, right? Gurren Lagann appeals to the part of me that wants to see the biggest, baddest, most explosive robot just go fucking nuts. The universe is not big enough to hold Gurren Lagann’s awesome.

Mazinger Z — Shin Mazinger Z

Maybe not quite as big and bad as some of the other robots before and to come, but none other teamed up with motherfucking Zeus himself to rip shit apart. When you’re awesome enough to command the respect of a giant god clad in gold armor, then you have achieved victory. Also, MECHA BROFIST.

RahXephon — RahXephon

It’s supposed to give off the air of a god, and I think it does just that. It is ready for some damn battle. Who cares if its main attack is singing? RahXephon will Pavarotti the fuck out of you and then rebuild your world to suit its purposes.

AV-98 Ingram — Patlabor

Just a cool as hell looking robot. Plus, it has a gigantic revolver and police baton. Impractical? Hell yes. Awesome? You bet your life. Plus, Noa Izumi’s devotion to her personal Ingram — which she dubs “Alphonse” — is super cute and badass at the same time. They don’t make ’em like Izumi anymore. 😦

Evangelion Unit 01 — Neon Genesis Evangelion

On the list mostly for being a scary fucking robot. When I rewatched Evangelion recently, the berserker parts still gave me friggin’ chills. Piloting Unit 01 is like getting on a fucking wolverine and praying that it listens to you, and then watching in horror as it rips everything to shreds.

Hyaku Shiki — Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

It’s a golden mecha piloted by Char Aznable. What more do you want?


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13 Responses to “SaiMecha – The Robots that Rev My Engine”

  1. I hope there’s a prelim round so my nominations at least see the light of day before getting forever banished from history. Maybe Bonta-kun will get some lulz votes.

  2. There’s a robot riding a unicorn in G Gundam?

    *adds to plan-to-watch list*

    • Indeed! There’s a lot of goofy shit in G Gundam, and there are a couple of stretches of painfully bad episodes, but overall it’s a fun series. And since it’s an alternate universe Gundam, you don’t need to be familiar with UC to watch it either.

  3. I think I need G Gundam in my life……


    Lol this was a great list! I put down two from Diebuster and of course the awesome Gurren Lagann! I think that will make everyones list easily 🙂

  5. […] been trying to resist, and can resist no longer. After reading both Scamp‘s and Shinmaru‘s choices for Saimecha, I have to throw my nominations out there.  Note that I’m not a […]

  6. Felix Says:

    That is not the original Hayaku Shiki but the Hayaku Shiki Fighter from Mechatalk. Non canon

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