Level E 12 – Forever a Bachelor

I’m not really sure whether to take this cliffhanger seriously or not. It’s certainly set up like a traditional cliffhanger (“What’s written on the paper?!”), but given Baka’s wild card status, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this turned upside down and rendered a moot point soon. (Kind of like Fractale, except on purpose.) Then again, Yukitaka and Miho wouldn’t gasp for no reason; they certainly aren’t playing along with Baka. Hm . . .

Well, whatever. Baka’s mission right now is to stay a swinging bachelor so that he can have time to play MMORPGs with kids and stow away on buses to catch the Koshien whenever he wants. Someone’s deathly afraid of being tied down. Some folks just don’t have it in them to settle down, though. Can you imagine Baka as a family man? He’d be like Calvin’s dad from Calvin and Hobbes in full on “I’m going to fuck with my kid’s brain and tell outrageous lies” mode 24/7. That kid would be undeniably messed up, but at the same time . . . it would be funny, right?

Also enjoyed the twist that Colin is a spy who has been sabotaging Baka all along and drawing Princess Luna and Baka’s brother, Mohan, to them the whole time. It makes total sense, too, because it has been established in the past that Colin is a total romantic. He tried to get the bug alien and Kyoko together in spite of the fact that it would doom the Earth, and he is trying to get Luna and Baka together despite the fact that it would put an utterly uncaring person into a position of vast power. Good job, Colin! I could see him turning to Baka’s side to try and get Luna and Mohan together, though. Someone like Colin just cannot resist a ship that strong.

Look at Colin standing there silently smirking at Craft’s anger . . .

I’m genuinely interested to see how this storyline will turn out. The obvious ending would be to somehow get Mohan and Luna together, which would make everyone happy (assuming Luna can get with the idea of marrying Mohan, of course), but Level E has shown itself to be romantic in only quite bizarre ways (i.e. putting the bug queen and a Kyoko clone together, while Men in Blacking Kyoko and sending her off to some random place), so I wonder what sort of twist would be thrown in at the last moment. Also wondering if any other of Baka’s family members will show up at some point. They have to be close by if their son is going to get married, right? Unless they straight up just don’t give a shit about him since he’s a maniac, haha.

Also, random note: I was kind of surprised to see (or hear, I guess) that Luna is played by none other than Shoko Nakagawa aka Shokotan. Level E couldn’t have her sing or bust out some Bruce Lee shit at some point? I actually thought Luna was played by Mamiko Noto at first, but after a few lines it’s obviously not her, haha. Maybe she’ll throw a concert next episode to try and woo Baka. I mean, she shows some skills in this episode (baseball and mathematics), so why can’t she be an ace singer, too?

I laughed when I saw this hole in Yukitaka’s apartment hasn’t been properly fixed.


3 Responses to “Level E 12 – Forever a Bachelor”

  1. The whole thing with Craft being on his side this time was amusing, and gives it a feeling of a major event in the character’s lives, which fits well with a big ending.

  2. I’ll bet Baka’s his own father. It’d only make sense.

    Also, given Level E’s trend of cliffhangers, I’ll bet it’s just a blank piece of paper 😛

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