Fractale 11 – God Is a Retard (END)

I think Enri had the right idea here. We should all have been watching Fractale with no eyes.

So, Fractale is over, and the ending is a hilarious mess. Nothing really makes any sense at all, but the characters are all happy, so I suppose we should be happy, too, although it does not seem to take much to make these characters happy. Give them some vegetables, a dog doppel they can tease with food, and a 16-year-old in a coma and they’re set for life. Good times. Or bad times.

Seriously, though, nothing in this episode makes any sense at all. The drama is basically like the creators taking out a shiny toy and distracting the audience so that they don’t notice how shoddily built this world is and how terribly everything comes together.

“Oh, look, Dias is on a kamikaze mission! And he hugs Moeran! SHIPPING! They die together, isn’t it beautiful?!”

“Now Sunda sacrifices himself to get Phryne, Nessa and Clain into the elevator! What a hero that guy is, wow!”


It’s pathetic. Reminds me of the Gundam 00 movie where a bunch of bullshit is introduced because nobody has any idea what the fuck they’re doing. The god of Fractale was originally created from the body and spirit of a 16-year-old girl? Sure! There’s an elevator to space growing out of the temple that apparently nobody noticed before? Why the hell not! And it takes you to a space snow globe that has video of the original Phryne bullshitting around like an idiot? FUCK YEAH!

“What a fucking ripoff!”

At least now we know that Nessa truly has the soul of a retard. What was the want ad like that the Fractale scientists put together? “Wanted: Too pure pure 16-year-old who LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES love and is willing to subject herself to a series of cruel, immoral experiments to run a vague supercomputer that will not be elaborated on at one point during an upcoming 11-episode TV anime. DFC preferred, but negotiable.”

Also, original!Phryne had some pretty shitty parents. “I’d better get to this terrible experiment, or else Daddy will be angry!” And I LOL’d at the main song of the series being some random CD original!Phryne has in her room. Way to be old school, girl. What would be the funniest song for Phryne to have played in that situation? Off the top of my head, I think I’d go with “Like a Virgin”. You know you would have laughed, too. “Hit ‘Em Up” would have killed me, too, if only for how incredibly jarring it would be. West side for life, yo.

And then after that, Nessa and Phryne come together and reboot Fractale somehow, fall into a coma for a year and Clain can feel like a manly man for taking care of Phrynessa for all that time. He was pleased to do it, too . . . a little too pleased, I think. When Barrot described Phryne as the ultimate antique, I bet Clain felt a skip in his heart and a leap in his loins. Sleeping with Phryne would be like banging a Louis XVI mirror or eating out the dresser from Beauty and the Beast.

Just a few other things to close out the post . . .

1) I love that Barrot is apparently the only person in 700 years who thought to check the library for answers to the “OUR 10-YEAR-OLDS ARE NOT CONTAINING THE SOUL OF GOD” conundrum.

2) I love all the guards turning around and staring at Clain after he gasps. Reminded me of the first level of Metal Gear Solid 2 when all the soldiers are watching the speech.

3) That old man’s bullshit about Lost Millennium not existing to destroy the Fractale System pissed me off. Then what the fuck were you attacking the Fractale System so much for the whole time?!

Anyway, as for Fractale as a whole, I still think the world itself is somewhat interesting, but it’s filled with half-baked ideas that could be cool if they were built in a way that actually worked. Like, the whole worshiping of Phryne as this pure young girl could be kind of interesting if it didn’t come off as utterly silly and nonsensical. I don’t hate on pseudo-science in anime (or else I’d hate half the stuff I love LOL), but at least make it halfway plausible instead of “whoop, that’s how it is”. Ah well, a disappointment, but maybe something that can be built on for another time and another series.


10 Responses to “Fractale 11 – God Is a Retard (END)”

  1. Myssa Says:

    I was a little bothered about the implication WHY the original Phryne ‘created’ a ten-year old personality eventually to protect herself.

    • I don’t have a problem with the actual implication so much as I do how it’s rendered meaningless because the ending is so haphazard.

  2. I think “who let the dogs out” would have been a perfect choice for that song

  3. fathomlessblue Says:

    Very funny post. I had to lol at the mgs soldier scene, I had a similar image in my head at that point. Same with the snowglobe, all I could think of was the digital graveyard/computer room at the end of mgs4, well either that or the flower filled spacestation at the end of Breath of Fire 3, although chances are nobodies played that game but this oldfag.

  4. Space elevator!!! YES! We all need one in the future 😀

    Story was crap,characters were boring! Well all but Nessa she was the only reason I finished this. Up to episode 5 things were getting so damn boring for me, but picked up with the last three episodes. This could have been so much better! go watch Eureka 7 instead if you liked this theme xD

    Omg yes so much MGS in the last episode hahaha

  5. Best final post on Fractale.

  6. […] short of the hype. While I don’t accept that Fractale deserves to be panned to the extent it has, it’s clear that its ideas were severely undercooked. C, on the other hand, seemed intent on […]

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