Deadman Wonderland 2 – Felons Are Dumbasses

Someone should tell HanaKana that you never go full retard. Man, I thought I escaped this shit after Fractale ended! Damn it all!

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about this episode, because, frankly, it kinda sucked, but I do want to address one thing: How in the fuck did a dumbass like that MMA fighter felon because such a big cheese in this prison? I mean, holy fucking shit, he makes Nessa Shiro look like Stephen Hawking. He slide kicks Ganta even though he has a clear path to the ball, and then he acts all pissed because Ganta got the ball first. Um, you kicked him toward it, you fucktard. And over sliding the tiles? Are you fucking kidding me? Never mind HanaKana, this guy is the one who went full retard. Unfuckingbelievable. He deserved to die, what a shitty fucking villain, my god.

Also, that obstacle course sucked — it’s like a bad Super Mario 64 level, complete with camera angles shifting at random. Someone get the C stick under control over at Manglobe! You’d think a privately funded prison would come up with some better traps for people to watch. A bungee jump? Are you fucking kidding me? Arrows? The temples in Raiders of the Lost Ark had better traps. The Peruvians are outdoing Deadman Wonderland.


11 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 2 – Felons Are Dumbasses”

  1. Landon Says:

    The obstacle course was the only thing that remotely amused me about this episode. It was one of those cheesy Japanese obstacle course shows, except with death. Then again, that’s hardly an original idea, either.

    But it wasn’t just the white chick and the villain that were idiots. That scene in the hospital where the main dude couldn’t keep up with the conversation about the candy/antidote made him look like even more of a dumbass than he already was.

    Yeah. These people aren’t in prison because of crimes or being falsely accused. There in here because of natural selection. Weed out the morons!

  2. You know, it implies all the other people in the race died. Candy apparently costs as much as winning this event provided too. With a turn-over like that, you have to wonder about the crime levels in this anime’s world…

    • Yeah, seriously. Though, I guess we know that the prison’s high convict turnover hasn’t been documented by the media since it is ceaselessly corrupt (or utterly retarded, who knows).

  3. Your title and first line cracked me up… I only wish the episode itself had been half as interesting (and had had half the budget of the first episode). Is it wrong of me to admit that the only reason that I will continue to watch this is because I’m hoping for a Makina shower scene?

    • Ugh, yeah, so many still shots. Isn’t this a popular manga? Why is Manglobe dipping into that well already?!

      Also, I’m there with you, buddy.

  4. […] Not everyone shares my tentatively positive opinion of Deadman Wonderland.  But it’s universal that you NEVER go full retard. […]

  5. fathomlessblue Says:

    For me this show is all about plus and minuses

    HanaKana playing another retarded Nessa character = -10 points

    Takako Honda playing an Olivier Armstrong character = +20 points.

    As long theres plenty of Makina in the show then I’ll stay for the duration… christ, Shiro is annoying though; talk about a case of one character bombing an entire show. Still, Nessa had an entire cast, plus plot to help her with fractale, and I still managed to make it through that.

    • I’m sticking with Deadman Wonderland for now, just because it has potential, but then again, I did the same thing for Fractale, and that turned out to be not such a good idea.

  6. Pussy Protagonist syndrome, Hanazawa Full Retard (lol big ups on that), incredibly hard to swallow premise, all in all the math isn’t working out for Deadman Wonderland.

    The gore isn’t enough to keep me going, especially when the aesthetic is pretty boring considering (a) Manglobe and (b) the premise could make for a really imaginative look.

    I dunno. A lot of people still think that anime is a parody of itself wrt violence and tits, and if Deadman Wonderland does well then we probably don’t deserve to have that opinion changed.

    • I’m just not a fan in general of the moe retard archetype. Everything about those characters is unbelievably irritating. The worst part is that Kana Hanazawa actually is a capable voice actress . . . except when she’s doing shit like this.

      I guess we’ll see how the third episode turns out. I thought the first showed promise (even with the premise), but I’ll bail if the third sucks too.

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