Kaiji S2 2 – Oh, Kaiji …

I’m waiting for the crazy, overwrought visual metaphor where Kaiji sticks a needle full of LIQUID GAMBLING in his veins.

This is the Kaiji who has been waiting to burst out from the moment the season started. Really, exploring Kaiji’s gambling addiction could be an interesting route to travel — it’s definitely an impediment to him at points, but in his situation, it could sometimes be a positive as well. After all, Kaiji is at his best in the first season when his back is against the wall, and the firing squad is aiming right at him. He needs that sense of danger, that rush of adrenaline that runs through him when the wave is crashing down. Kaiji’s plans always have this weird sense of practicality mixed with recklessness . . . his grand plan in the final game of the first season is proof of that. It’s perfectly conceived and play, but . . . well, those who watched the first season know well what Kaiji did to make it happen.

So, here, Kaiji has the practicality but not the recklessness at first. He bets small beans to feel out the players and the game, but he can’t feel anything because he just cannot get into the game like that. So he has to start betting bigger and bigger, and throwing more caution into the wind. Kaiji can engage his mind more, but he can shoot himself in the foot much easier, as well. Right now, though, Kaiji is going at it more to feed his gambling addiction than to procure enough money to escape this place.

Also, I’m of the opinion that this game is absolutely rigged somehow. There are too many assholes in this world for there to not be some sort of trick to the game. Any time a game appears to be luck-based, there’s some sort of hidden rule that needs to be sought — or a cheater who needs to be snuffed out. This foreman dude is too confident and too silver-tongued to be trustworthy in any way. If this chinchirorin game isn’t rigged in some way, then it seems kind of pointless in the grand scheme of things, as far as the show’s themes are concerned.

I’m sure none of you would trust this bastard for even a second, right?

I wonder if any of the other participants are potentially in on the cheat, or if the foreman is running this operation on his own? On the one hand, it seems as if it would be easier to cheat with multiple people . . . but in a stripped down game like this, who knows? (Then again, I know fuck all about this kind of thing lol.) Then again, the foreman seems like the type who would be greedy enough to keep the loot all to himself; if he can avoid, splitting the dough with other people, then he is damn well going to go for that. If I had to guess, he probably has a small number of co-players (maybe one or two at most) who know his tricks, just because this can’t be his first time rigging the game.

I’m kind of suspicious of that nervous guy, too, haha. Maybe it’s just me getting into the Kaiji mood, but the nervous act could be a bluff to throw off the other players. Or maybe he is legitimately a nervous wreck. If he makes like an Ace Attorney character and suddenly transforms into an utter bastard, however, I will not be surprised at all.

2 Responses to “Kaiji S2 2 – Oh, Kaiji …”

  1. I was thinking the same thing about cheating. Here is my theory: The guy sitting to the foreman’s left is stated as being his assistant or something, so he is in on it. Here is my guess about how it went down. The assistant switched the dice to a loaded set. He uses it, wins, then passes the loaded set to the foreman, who wins, and switches back to a non-loaded set. That’s just my guess, but I don’t trust the foreman even a tiny bit.

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