Deadman Wonderland 3 – Destroy, Destroy, Destroy

Does the Deadman Wonderland OP make anyone else here laugh? It sounds like some generically shitty song I’d hear on the way to high school, or something WWE would choose to promote its pay per views. Seriously, this is a WWE rock song. The way the song makes use of the show’s title is particularly funny. “I will be your dead man . . . stuck in your wonderland.” LOL Boys, wait offstage for a moment, and we’ll get your Pulitzer right to you. That said, this band definitely got more for this song than I make in an entire year. I’m sad now.

Anyway, this episode is all right, but I’d say any excitement I felt about this anime has mostly dissipated through three episodes, though I am still somewhat interested in watching and writing even through all the dumbery. I guess I can take Shiro being a dumbass in specific doses — certainly isn’t enjoyable here, but at least she kicks stuff. Like that stupid robot. I think the folks of Deadman Wonderland bought that ‘bot straight from the 1980s. Then again, it probably gets around quicker being a death machine on treads, so hey. It’s pretty stupid, though. Nice job waiting to kill Ganta, you dumb robot! See, Shiro isn’t just shouting a dumb anime catchphrase when she kicks the robot — she’s giving an accurate assessment of the robot’s artificial intelligence! (Never mind that she is talking about Ganta.)

Kind of nice to see another fellow with crazy powers. Really, it’s not surprising that more people of Ganta’s ilk exist — if powers could be transferred to Ganta, then why couldn’t they be transferred to other people, as well? I probably wouldn’t realize it in Ganta’s situation, because I’m a wuss and my mind would be on things other than thinking logically, but it should be an easy connection to make for the audience. Anyway, hopefully the presence of other people with crazy powers will spice the series up a bit. Please? For me?

See, he’s all smiley and crazy and whatnot! He wants to kill! He wants to kill!

Also, I laughed at his face being obscured, because obviously the reveal of another person with the crazy powers is supposed to be the big twist at the end of the episode. The “we’re trying to hid his face lol” obscuring looks exactly like the censorship, though, which is kind of awkward.


3 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 3 – Destroy, Destroy, Destroy”

  1. thoughtcannon Says:

    Here’s the original version of “One reason” called “Black Hearts and Dollar Signs.”

    It fits the theme of the anime so idk why they didn’t just use it. I am ashamed to admit though that the DMW OP has grown on me. I especially like the way they show Shiro during the chorus the “blood on my hands” bit vavavoom.

  2. adaywithoutme Says:

    Aww, come on, everyone knows that nothing will ever beat the second Death Note OP.

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