Kaiji S2 3 – Devious Bastards

Because you’re a greedy motherfucker, Kaiji. Not that I can blame him for going along with a flow of “good luck”; I totally would have done the same thing and been burned . . .

I don’t know if anyone aside from Kaiji had any doubt that the foreman was cheating, but this episode should erase it. Yeah, the foreman and his partner just happen to get the two dice rolls that will crush Kaiji right at the point that will cause him the most possible pain. Uh huh. The funny part, of course, is that Kaiji knows it’s a con and knows that everyone is in on it somehow, but once the money flashes in front of his eyes, it corrupts his way of thinking and has him believing he can beat a system that is set up to screw him over from the start.

And it’s all just as planned, of course.Everyone watching can probably see it — Kaiji is on the ropes, desperately trying to claw his way back into the game, and then the foreman and his partner each throw him a 20,000 perica gift. But they do it in a way that gives Kaiji confidence: They both make relatively innocuous rolls. The luck of the roll went to Kaiji, and he’s ready to make some more money. Then the pair brings the hammer down on him with whatever method of cheating they use. (The common assumption would be loaded dice, but I’m too dumb a cheater to figure out how they’d implement the result they want whenever they want. I assume that they just fix their rolls, though, since that would be easiest.)

I’m running low on time, and Kaiji getting confident and puffing up like a puffer fish, only to be popped by the cruel pin of fate, is really the main point of the episode, so I leave you with a SUPREMELY UGLY WOMAN AHHHHHHHHHH

(P.S. I actually have one more thought: I wonder if Moe Eyes will eventually become Kaiji’s obligatory gambling partner in this arc? He stands out too much to not be used more in some way.)

One Response to “Kaiji S2 3 – Devious Bastards”

  1. Clinton Says:

    I think they wanted to beat him the first time they fought him but just lost

    I also dicided to look up how to cheat at dice games

    two ways I found for sure are Loaded Dice and dice with more then one of the numbers on them. there are probbley a few other ways I don’t know about

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