Kaiji 4 – Rallying the Losers

I haven’t been huge on the new style of zawa zawas so far this season (I really liked how chilling they are in the first season, and they’re kind of missing that this season), but they are fucking AWESOME in this scene. The cool background music, Kaiji giving a rousing speech and the zawa zawas building in the background like a tribal chant, a call to arms. Absolutely sold me on this scene.

But, yeah, Kaiji is basically a revolutionary in this scene — he’s gathering the lowlifes and the downtrodden to strike against the money grubbers. Of the Kaiji episodes so far this season, this one is definitely the most overtly, “Dudes, this capitalism thing kinda sucks sometimes, y’know?” Guys dropping from overwork, lungs being ruined, the guy at the top screwing over the bottom feeders and hauling in the profits for himself, loans that fuck over those who take them, no health care available if folks can’t pay for it, etc. Good times.

I’m definitely looking forward to Kaiji and The Gang taking on the foreman — Kaiji is more fun when there is a group involved, and the peanut gallery can toss in comments while Kaiji sweats out victory. I wonder which of the group will inevitably betray Kaiji near the end? I’ve got my bets on Ol’ Moe Eyes getting viciously broken and stabbing Kaiji in the back for the chance to go outside, but that might be too obvious. I feel confident in saying that someone will eventually betray Kaiji, however. No plan ever goes entirely smoothly for Kaiji.

I’m interested to see what Kaiji’s plan is. My memory stinks, so I already forgot a lot of the intricacies of the rules behind chinchiro, so I’m not quite sure how Kaiji will bend the rules and the manner of the foreman’s cheating to his advantage and clean up. But we all know Kaiji can plot like a motherfucker when he really puts his mind to it, so he’s thought of something good. I do wonder, though, if his gambling addiction will throw a monkey wrench into his plan like it did in the finale of the first season. Will any amount of money he gets from the foreman be enough to satiate Kaiji’s thirst? Or will he have to hack away at the foreman as much as possible to squeeze out every dime (sorry, perica lol) possible?

2 Responses to “Kaiji 4 – Rallying the Losers”

  1. It was interesting to see Kaiji assembling his team. I agree that he is not one blessed with undying loyalty from those he works with, so someone is bound to stick a knife in his back (metaphorically). I like the image of Kaiji as a revolutionary. He certainly finds himself amongst the underbelly of society.

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