Deadman Wonderland 6 – Whipping from Dropped to Continuing In Seconds Flat

Ah, I always enjoy a good ol’ goofy, distorted facial expression . . .

A couple of days ago I posted about my philosophy in regards to grading bad series, and about how I try to find even a sliver of enjoyment in even really bad series I end up watching for whatever reason. Deadman Wonderland is one of those shows. The first episode had some promise even though the initial setup is contrived, but from then on it has become increasingly goofy and hilariously grimdark. There’s a certain desperation to how dark and edgy the show wants to be, which has provided ceaseless amusement for me.

I will say, though, that I came close to dropping the show entirely in the first half. I freely admit that I am no genius at predicting the twists and turns of plots, so when someone like me can predict every beat of an episode in the first few seconds, and those beats end up not being executed (lol) particularly well, then I get bored and drift off. It took stupid facial expressions and hilarious backstory to bring me back into the episode. The highlight, without a doubt, is Minatsuki’s flashback to when her mom abandons her during some sort of apocalyptic event (I’m sure it ties in to the whole Red Man story) in favor of a pot of flowers. That’s so overwrought, stupid and melodramatic that it cracked me up.

It’s not quite as bad as “My brother and I were injured at an amusement park and then the doctors used his blood to save me and then he died and that’s why I HATE SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!” from Index II, but it’s up there. I’ll keep watching Deadman Wonderland for more of this, but once the laughter stops, I’m dropping the show. Note that I do not recommend continuation for most viewers; I am at a point in my life right now where I have this type of time to burn. For those who have actual lives, spend your time doing something worthwhile. Go outside and feel the sun on your skin and the wind on your face. Smell the roses, and all of that fun shit.


7 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 6 – Whipping from Dropped to Continuing In Seconds Flat”

  1. OH man those facial expressions are so creepy yet fun! reminds me of Higirashi style moe ones then BAMMM CREEPY! I did like Minatsuki’s character even thou she had a fked up life..reminded me of Anri from Durrrrr! How she was quit and scared and BOOM I AM TWISTED.

    Still Deadman is fun even if it’s slow as hell…

  2. The fact of the matter here about Deadman Wonderlnd is that it’s taking too long.

    …rather than encouraging me, she’s scaring me away (and that says something, because Minatsuki’s a favorite).

  4. […] Unmei Kaihen: Shinmaru sums up the reasons to continue watching the comedy of errors pretty well. […]

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