Densuke Is the Most Badass Dog Ever

For real, yo.

I’ll probably write something more substantial about Dennou Coil soon. Just thought I should immediately commemorate Densuke’s badassery.


12 Responses to “Densuke Is the Most Badass Dog Ever”

  1. To all those who claim your dog can out-badass Densuke (with spoilers):

    Has your dog saved your younger sibling from the jaws of death at the cost of life threatening injuries? How about getting back up after sustaining those injuries to save YOUR life at the cost of its own? And if that isn’t enough, can your dog come back from the dead to guide you in the right direction? To say nothing of its existence being the key to your friend’s life? No? Then get your pitiful dog out of here. You or I will never see a dog as badass as Densuke, and that’s a crying shame.

  2. Smithers, I’ve just seen the most heroic dog on television. He pulled a toddler from the path of a speeding car, then pushed a criminal in front of it. Find this dog. I want to make him my Executive Vice President.

  3. In my mind, Densuke is one of the great heroes of the 2000s decade.

  4. The best thing about this dog is the X

  5. I just poured out a bit of my 40 for densuke

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