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Finalizing Anime Expo 2011 Plans

Posted in Anime Expo with tags on 06/27/2011 by Shinmaru

We’re getting down to the wire here, so I should probably set everything in stone with a decent amount of time left before the con so that everyone knows what’s going on.

Meetups! I threw around the idea of a Day 0 meetup, but I didn’t really give a specific time or place. As it turns out, another Day 0 meetup is being planned, and it seems as if a decent amount of people will be there, so why not piggyback that? All the details are on the page I linked — just be sure to RSVP, and if you’re not familiar with the organizer, Alex Leavitt, then just shoot him a quick introductory email as I did!

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I Have Run Out of Ways to Call Deadman Wonderland Stupid, So Here’s the Worst Anime Ever

Posted in Deadman Wonderland, Odin, Random Shit with tags , on 06/26/2011 by Shinmaru

I never would have guessed that it would take but a month to find something worthy of a 1.

Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight (the movie’s typo, not mine) is not disgusting like Apocalypse Zero, irritating like Itsudatte My Santa! nor brain rottingly retarded like Shuffle! However, the experience of watching it is like being in a boxing match: You come into it full of energy and life, ready to throw down, but by the end, you’re struggling to stay on your feet, and there’s a good chance the repeated blows to the head will give you brain damage. Odin is a black hole of entertainment: 136 minutes of absolutely fuck all happening, pacing that makes Inuyasha seem like Baccano! and several scenes of inexplicable weirdness. What makes Odin the worst anime I’ve ever seen is that there isn’t one element you can pin down and say, “This is why this piece of shit is so awful.” It’s the totality of the experience that builds throughout the movie and mercilessly beats down the viewer until nothing is left but a babbling, incoherent mess.

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Deadman Wonderland 10 — It’s Fun to Fill Time with Needless Explanations

Posted in Deadman Wonderland with tags on 06/19/2011 by Shinmaru

What’s the point of creating elaborate backstories for your Undertakers when they are just going to be killed in less than a minute? I swear the bear dude and Buffalo Bill the skin-wearer existed solely so that the anime could fill up a couple of minutes time with silly biographies, and thus save some money on the animation budget. It’s kind of cool when Senji shows up and slices them up, but it’s not much of a payoff for sitting through ludicrous, derivative stories.

Speaking of Senji, he is basically conveniently awesome, right? How the hell did Ganta ever beat him when he has skills like the ones he shows off here? It’s like in RPGs when you fight a boss character and they’re tough as hell, but they join your team later, and suddenly they kind of suck and don’t have all their awesome abilities anymore. Except here, Senji sucks only when he fights Ganta, and he’s awesome everywhere else. Facepalm.

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Shiki 20.5 — I Watched This Whole Episode with a Grimace on My Face

Posted in Shiki with tags on 06/16/2011 by Shinmaru

The first of two bonus Shiki episodes is out, and if you want to be reminded just how grisly and gruesome Shiki can get, well, this is the episode for you. Shiki isn’t really more violent than many pieces of horror, but it feels that way because of how well it builds its scenario and characters. It’s a horrible, tragic situation, and plenty of good people get caught up in it. This episode partly centers on Nao, who got hit hard pretty bad — she’s one of the first victims, and then goes after her family, none of whom rise like she did. Nao’s not really shown to be a bad or evil person; she’s perhaps insensitive (but not to a greater extent than many people), and she definitely makes a selfish choice by going after her family, but it’s not selfish in a way that is meant with malice. She just wants her family around to lessen the pain of being a monster.

It’s not really “right” — especially considering how everything ultimately turns out; she essentially murders her family — and brings Nao a massive helping of guilt, but more than anything, it shows why I never really found myself with the “ALL SHIKI MUST DIE BECAUSE THEY ARE EEEEEEEEEVIL” crowd (though I definitely believe the humans should have protected themselves). Strict human morality wasn’t really built for a situation like this: Something undeniably unfair happens to a person, and then tragedy follows. Nao is shown to be like most people — not an angel, but decent. But suddenly she becomes evil because of something inflicted upon her entirely out of her control? I can’t buy that.

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Anime Expo 2011 Meet-Up Plans

Posted in Anime Expo with tags on 06/14/2011 by Shinmaru

Now that Anime Expo has finally put out daily schedules, we can finally do some meet-up planning! I’ve already got something going on the ol’ SCCSAV site, but hopefully this will get the ball rolling even more.

This year I’ll actually be staying at a hotel and going all four days of the convention for the first time, so I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands (when I’m not doing press-related stuff for The Nihon Review, anyway). And with that extra free time, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to try and organize multiple meet-ups. The big problem with scheduling one meet-up is that because everyone has different interests and wants to do different things at different times during the convention, it’s basically impossible to come up with a time that will suit everyone. Poor omo missed out on the meet-up I threw together last year, for instance, because it was at the same time as the Trigun flick.

So, why not try to circumvent the problem by having more than one get together? Hopefully everyone interested will be able to make at least one — and I encourage people to organize their own, if they wish! I’m just tossing ideas into the wind here.

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Deadman Wonderland 9 — One Decent Plot Point In a Sea of Poop

Posted in Deadman Wonderland with tags on 06/12/2011 by Shinmaru

Credit where it’s due: I somehow thought of everything but the data chip being a booby trap, and it is a real “Duh!” moment for me when the chip explodes after Shiro throws it into the fire. Of course it would be a trap, right? The Obviously Evil dude made it. An actual bit of logic employed by Deadman Wonderland. Shocked me as much as anyone.

But that’s the one plot that makes sense and/or isn’t unbelievably silly. Take, for instance, when Hibana initially shows up and Nagi assumes that she is lost . . . in the deepest, most secret wing of a maximum security prison that is known for housing total psychos with crazy powers. Now, he doesn’t have to be all like, “DIE BITCH DIE!!!!!!!!!!” right away, but at least a little suspicion would be warranted, don’t you think? She isn’t even wearing a collar, so she can’t pretend to be a prisoner, or anything, which makes it more unlikely that she would be wandering around for no reason. Shit, just being suspicious that someone might be after her (even if it’s wrong) or that she’s different in some way (due to the lack of collar) would be better than what happens. It’s not even really that bad a plot point; it’s just that “Are you lost?” is such a goofy assumption to make, given the circumstances.

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Deadman Wonderland 8 – That Guy Wasn’t a Really Obvious Villain or Anything

Posted in Deadman Wonderland with tags on 06/05/2011 by Shinmaru

If you haven’t listened in yet, my appearance on the Metaverse podcast went up a couple of days ago. Some general goofiness, a few anime recommendations, fun for the whole family.

Anyway, this latest episode is basically your average episode of Deadman Wonderland, meaning of course that it is goofy as fuck.  It should be pretty exciting, since we have a group of prisoners aiming to bring down the prison through somewhat legal means, and some intrigue because that guy who is shady as fuck from the start is shockingly some sort of double agent, but it kind of falls apart because, really, who gives a shit about Ganta? That’s the biggest problem with making such a loser kid the protagonist — who would get behind such a whiner? That would be like making me the protagonist of this shit. It just wouldn’t work.

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Learning the Basics of Sakuga

Posted in Random Shit with tags on 06/01/2011 by Shinmaru

My buddy Mystlord went to ACen recently, and attended an interesting panel on sakuga animation. When the folks who ran the panel put it up on YouTube, Mystlord was good enough to link it on Twitter, and I finally got around to watching it last night. As someone who is embarrassingly ignorant about the evolution of Japanese animation, I think it is an interesting look at the basics of sakuga and a solid primer on its evolution from the origins of Japanese animation to today. It’s a very newbie-friendly series of videos, and at a relatively short running length (I didn’t add up the times of the videos, but it can’t be more than an hour or so).

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