Deadman Wonderland 8 – That Guy Wasn’t a Really Obvious Villain or Anything

If you haven’t listened in yet, my appearance on the Metaverse podcast went up a couple of days ago. Some general goofiness, a few anime recommendations, fun for the whole family.

Anyway, this latest episode is basically your average episode of Deadman Wonderland, meaning of course that it is goofy as fuck.  It should be pretty exciting, since we have a group of prisoners aiming to bring down the prison through somewhat legal means, and some intrigue because that guy who is shady as fuck from the start is shockingly some sort of double agent, but it kind of falls apart because, really, who gives a shit about Ganta? That’s the biggest problem with making such a loser kid the protagonist — who would get behind such a whiner? That would be like making me the protagonist of this shit. It just wouldn’t work.

These other prisoners are pretty lame, too. I mean, there’s a pretty obvious flaw with their plan: The folks behind the seedier parts of Deadman Wonderland obviously have a stranglehold on the media and the justice system, or else it wouldn’t be so damn easy to get little kids thrown in the slammer with fake evidence. But, hey, suddenly the shitty media will stand up and notice because a bunch of prisoners (about whom the public clearly does not give a shit) provide evidence of abuse by the prison staff. Get real. They should be beating the shit out of their captors. It wouldn’t get them out of prison, but at least it would be satisfying. (For them — for the viewers, it would probably still be shit, but at least there would be more hilariously grimdark violence.)

Speaking of hilariously grimdark violence, I can’t be the only one who laughed at the guy being melted slowly by acid, and then run over by the robot, right? What puts it over the top for me is him leaving his foot behind because the acid melts through the bone. It’s such a silly image because it’s so damn cartoony. And of course the robot loses all ability to properly aim once the hot dark chick is the one dodging the acid. (Is she supposed to be black? I assume she is, which would make this one of the few times the black person doesn’t bite it in fiction . . . so far, anyway. I probably just jinxed this.)

One last note: I love that not long after I call Deadman Wonderland‘s OP a WWE theme song, the series introduces characters who are dubbed “Undertakers”. I could not have written this better, myself. All they need is for Johnny Cash to start playing when they stroll into a room.

Wait, one more last note: As long as this show is going to be stupid, it might as well have more dumb Makina fanservice. It wouldn’t hurt, right? I’d rather watch that than more of Shiro’s retardery. Someone needs to stick Kana Retardazawa back into the closet where she belongs; from now on, she is not allowed to play characters with an IQ less than 110.


2 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 8 – That Guy Wasn’t a Really Obvious Villain or Anything”

  1. Did you just criticize Hanazawa Kana? RAEG!!!

    • Look, anyone who plays as many roles as she does is bound to play a couple of turds (in this case Shiro and Nessa), so she shouldn’t take it personally (because, obviously, she reads my site).

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