Deadman Wonderland 9 — One Decent Plot Point In a Sea of Poop

Credit where it’s due: I somehow thought of everything but the data chip being a booby trap, and it is a real “Duh!” moment for me when the chip explodes after Shiro throws it into the fire. Of course it would be a trap, right? The Obviously Evil dude made it. An actual bit of logic employed by Deadman Wonderland. Shocked me as much as anyone.

But that’s the one plot that makes sense and/or isn’t unbelievably silly. Take, for instance, when Hibana initially shows up and Nagi assumes that she is lost . . . in the deepest, most secret wing of a maximum security prison that is known for housing total psychos with crazy powers. Now, he doesn’t have to be all like, “DIE BITCH DIE!!!!!!!!!!” right away, but at least a little suspicion would be warranted, don’t you think? She isn’t even wearing a collar, so she can’t pretend to be a prisoner, or anything, which makes it more unlikely that she would be wandering around for no reason. Shit, just being suspicious that someone might be after her (even if it’s wrong) or that she’s different in some way (due to the lack of collar) would be better than what happens. It’s not even really that bad a plot point; it’s just that “Are you lost?” is such a goofy assumption to make, given the circumstances.

And now Deadman Wonderland is clearly trying to match To Aru Majutsu no Index in terms of hilariously tragic backstories for villains. Child abuse, suicide, obsession with manners and adulthood, young child murderer, etc. This is really what happens when writers try their damnedest to make memorable killers — they go for extremes in character and backstory that either work or end up being incredibly silly. The Joker is extreme in both character and backstory, for instance, but works because of how he is portrayed. Everyone in Deadman Wonderland? Not so much.

That said, without that utter ridiculousness, we would never get this hilarious arm throwing scene, and for that I am happy.


3 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 9 — One Decent Plot Point In a Sea of Poop”

  1. I forgot to mention the plot hole in my post back in the NHRV thread. Nagi thinking that a girl got lost in? Like Little Red Riding Hood who wandered into a fore-, I mean, a maximum security prison and lost her way to her grandma’s house?

    Must have slipped Nagi’s vacuous mind.

  2. From what I can tell… Deadman Wonderland doesn’t seem like a very good show.

    Worth watching just for laughs? (deciding what to watch right now)

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