Deadman Wonderland 10 — It’s Fun to Fill Time with Needless Explanations

What’s the point of creating elaborate backstories for your Undertakers when they are just going to be killed in less than a minute? I swear the bear dude and Buffalo Bill the skin-wearer existed solely so that the anime could fill up a couple of minutes time with silly biographies, and thus save some money on the animation budget. It’s kind of cool when Senji shows up and slices them up, but it’s not much of a payoff for sitting through ludicrous, derivative stories.

Speaking of Senji, he is basically conveniently awesome, right? How the hell did Ganta ever beat him when he has skills like the ones he shows off here? It’s like in RPGs when you fight a boss character and they’re tough as hell, but they join your team later, and suddenly they kind of suck and don’t have all their awesome abilities anymore. Except here, Senji sucks only when he fights Ganta, and he’s awesome everywhere else. Facepalm.

At least he didn’t degrade himself by joining this stupid Scar’s Chain group. They couldn’t even figure out that the data chip was a bomb. Didn’t they wonder why the hell the chip exploded? Sure, there was fire in the next room, but I am somewhat certain that computer chips do not aggravate fire and make fun explosions. And Shiro doesn’t make shit explode; she just kicks stuff. But, no, the first thought is, “SHIRO WHY YOU MAKE CHIP EXPLODE”. I guess I can’t blame them too much, since they didn’t know Rokuro was a Benedict Arnold despite all his suspicious mannerisms, but still.

Speaking of Rokuro’s suspicious mannerisms, it seems he has been a spy for at least a bit of time before Ganta came to Deadman Wonderland, and I’d wager that he had been a turncoat long before then. So he has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes even though he is by far the most suspicious-looking person in the series, and even though he is by far the biggest asshole in the gang. Despite this, nobody seems to have suspected him of any wrongdoing, even once. Then again, with this gang of losers and idiots, if you cover your tracks even decently well, you can probably go on doing whatever the hell you want for as long as you like.

Put it this way: Even if Rokuro didn’t have any backup when he went and boasted about his plans to Scar’s Chain, he probably would not have been in any danger. That’s how dumb this group is.

Ah well, whatever. We all know Shiro is going to change her mind and go back to Ganta, there will be a “heartwarming” reunion scene and then stuff will happen, and then there will be a “life goes on” ending because this show is just 12 episodes, and who knows if it will receive another season? Normally I root against the “life goes on” ending, because I hate them, but in this case, it is my preferred ending for Deadman Wonderland. Why? Because it probably would be hilarious and the cherry on top of a stupid series. Go for it, Deadman Wonderland. You know you want to.


8 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 10 — It’s Fun to Fill Time with Needless Explanations”

  1. LOL Ganta punching Shiro was like dudeeee cool hit but you STILL SUCK SO MUCH! All Ganta does is cry arggg makes me angry. At least we had a awesome scene with Crow coming in to kick some ass, and more Mocking bird who looks like Eureka to me…lol I have no idea why guess it’s the short green hair+color combo.

  2. He sounds like a wuss, hate Ganta.

  3. I am waiting warmly for my “life goes on in a bizarre prison run by morally bankrupt sadists” ending.

  4. I actually watched this episode out of boredom. Note that I dropped it after episode 5.


  5. How on earth would anyone know Rokuro was evil/suspicious? There were no ott facial distortions before now. Don’t be mocking DW’s awesome world logic!

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