Deadman Wonderland 12 – This Episode Was Kind of Good Until It Sucked (END)

Nagi doing what pretty much everyone watching the show wants to do . . .

Before I comment on that, however, I just want to tip my hat to Anime Expo for another fun year! I’ll be writing about my personal experiences this year at some undetermined date (hopefully sooner rather than later, but it all depends on how busy I end up being), and I’ll be contributing to the super groovy coverage of AX we’ll be doing at Behind the Nihon Review, so look forward to that, everyone! Some of my AX shenanigans gave me ideas for an upcoming posting series, so look forward to that in a couple of weeks or so, as well!

Also want to give a shout out to all the awesome people I ran into during AX: My roomies, calaggie, Kylaran, Mystlord, and ToastCrust (along with his friend, Darren). All super cool people who made my Anime Expo experience OVER 9000 times better, especially late at night when I was dog tired and everyone was just shooting the shit. Also have to mention my cohort at the Nihon Review, Eternal, and good ol’ zzeroparticle, who would have cleaned up at Name That Anime Tune if we had arrived just a few minutes earlier. The Anime Diet dudes — Mike, Rome, Jeremy and Dan — need a shout, as well, since I saw so much of them this year! Was definitely glad to hang out with them for more than a few minutes.

Then I also need to mention all the awesome people I saw at the various meet-ups and during random meetings throughout the convention center (I can’t count the number of times I bumped into various people I knew): lvlln and Nameless (the latter of whom goes by CPAnime on Twitter), omo, cowboybibimbop, misaki, Yumeka, Jan Suzukawa, Manma Canon, kevo (you have to write that post we talked about, man!), anya_fennec, R1CK_D0M, and if I forgot anyone else, yell at me for being an idiot. The mind is the first thing to go, they say …

Anyway, now to finally get to this finale! I was all ready to write about how the finale was shockingly good (for Deadman Wonderland, anyway; it was actually halfway decent) until about the halfway point when it turned into a giant turd like every other episode. Seriously, though, I will man up and give credit where it’s due: The action in the first half is at least somewhat engaging and tense, and it’s not full of stupid shit that tries to be cool but utterly fails because the show doesn’t have the right tone to pull it off (unlike, say, Cobra the Animation).

I was with the episode up until the point after Genkaku shoots Nagi, and then the episode launches into regular lulzy Deadman Wonderland territory with Genkaku’s flashback out of nowhere (out of all the times to give him character development, it’s halfway through the season finale? LOL), and then the gun that shoots censorship holes into everyone. Fanfuckingtastic. That’s the one thing that is not Deadman Wonderland‘s fault, but I just cannot take anything like that seriously at all. It looks like Genkaku is playing friggin’ paintball with everyone. It’s so silly!

And then any tenseness the action had is pretty much shit on by Shiro giving Ganta a power-up, and then combining to blow away Genkaku like it’s nothing. This guy is supposed to be built up to be some crazy, murderous badass, and he’s taken down so damn easily by Ganta’s Super Mario Bros. power-ups. Unbelievable. And of course Nagi’s super-cheesy, Andross-esque “IF I GO DOWN, I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME” moment is so lol. AND HE ACTUALLY SURVIVES THAT LONG ENOUGH TO GIVE HIS HEARTWARMING SPEECH. This fucking show, man. So lulzy. So, so lulzy.

And then I kind of got what I wanted in the end with a pseudo “life goes on” ending where Ganta is all, “yeah can’t leave my friends in prison lol” and he and Shiro hang out on the prison rooftop. Of course, it’s not a true “life goes on” because 1) Deadman Wonderland isn’t the type of story conducive to that shitty ending type, and 2) Even if it were, the show would just fuck it up anyway. The show is clearly angling for a second season, although with all the censorship and whatnot, I kind of wonder if it will happen, not that I’m interested in watching it in the first place after this shitpile.

So, yeah, after a semi-intriguing first episode that admittedly had more than a few logic issues, the show nosedived into stupidity and desperate attempts to be cool and edgy. I’ve been around the block a few times and seen everything Deadman Wonderland has to offer, except done a million times better.


8 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland 12 – This Episode Was Kind of Good Until It Sucked (END)”

  1. I totally agree with you on most of your points. Deadman Wonderland was a great show until possibly episode 6 or 7. Then it got weird with the whole Scar Chain thing. One question I have to this day is, where in the hell did Shiro get that sundae in the Chain base?

  2. Fadeway Says:

    I actually enjoyed Deadman Wonderland, not for the violence, but for seeing how ridiculous it can get. Almost every episode surprised me with something, even at times when I thought it’s no longer possible. I’m very bad at drawing enjoyment from cheesy shows like Cobra, but how can you not enjoy an anime where a man giving out candy after having half his spine blown away and later being hit with a KO attack is merely one of an episode’s many features?

    • Haha, well, I enjoyed some of the badness, but not quite to the extent I enjoyed, say, Rio: Rainbow Gate! (which was at least 100 times as ridiculous as Deadman Wonderland).

  3. Rio was better

  4. Bet you were like It’s finally over!! YAY!!!

    Lol the con sounds really fun! All those people you got to meet very awesome đŸ˜€

    Deadman was a great idea just poor story I think, guess now you can tackle the manga! I started it and really find it more fun than the fail anime series.

    Shiro I hated her so much at the start, but after a while she became a bit more fun and we got to see another side of her. So I guess it’s safe to say Shiro and Ganta share a special bond? Since both of them had similar glowing things on them…Now if only Ganta could master that power ARGGG So annoying! Anyway season two? Looks that way to me.

  5. […] of going to (although I did meet quite a few friends from online throughout the convention). A group of more than a dozen gathered to get some grub at the food trucks that had parked across the street from the convention […]

  6. vijay bharadwaj Says:

    Deadman wonderland had no meaning in it. It could have become a great show if the whole scar chain thing was introduced properly. But some episodes turned out to be really good. Like for example when the guy shot that huge water tank and burst it into pieces and also the last part where the blood covered half of his body and the blood he shot became really powerful, strong enought to destroy the wall to smithereens. But i have to admit that the ending sucked. Clearly it stated that Shiro herself was the red man but it could have been improvised to make it better. And finally the guy couldnt even get revenge and kill the redman. So basically it was a very ridiculous anime. God knows how it was accepted….

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