God’s Dolls 2 – Intrigue with a Dash of Anime

This series is somewhat intriguing and somewhat frustrating for me after two episodes.

There are definitely bits that interesting me — like everything to do with the dolls. As an example, during the rescue scene in the middle of the episode, I couldn’t help but think about how the physical interaction between doll and controller plays out. The layout of the scene suggests that Kyohei, Hibino and Utao are too far away from the scene of the explosion to properly see everything that goes on (I’d think that the thicket would get in the way, too, but Kyohei doesn’t seem to have a problem viewing the scene through binoculars, so maybe it’s not that thick, or perhaps simply an overlooked detail); however, Utao is able to at least see the scene well enough to manipulate Kukuri and free Kuuko and her “slave” from the car. It’s only her relative inexperience that provides a few bumps along the way.

Anyway, that little bit had me thinking: What exactly is the connection between doll and controller? Can Utao literally see through Kukuri’s eyes? Or does their psychic connection allow for some other form of “seeing”? Now, I don’t think this detail really needs to be addressed during the series; in fact, I think I’d prefer if it were to remain unanswered, because I don’t think there’s any way for it to come up in a way that is not clumsy and awkward. But it’s just something interesting to think about.

I also like the deliberate way little pieces of this catastrophic event are being revealed. The most likely explanation is that it was spurred on by something Aki did (thus, the shocked look on his face during the flashback?), but there are also other implications throughout this episode. First is that this is a big part of what drove Kyohei away from the dolls in the first place — perhaps it’s also what got him “demoted” from being one of the controllers in the first place. His powers could have spiraled far out of his control and caused untold amounts of damage. It’s likely that the bit at the end of the episode — Aki and Kyohei surrounded by dead bodies — and this event are connected, too; probably the latter begat the former. Not really directly stated, but implied heavily enough that the viewer can catch on. Again, I kind of hope it’s kept like this, but I am unsure if it will be.

But the bits that frustrate me are normal anime things that often frustrate me. There’s the bit when Kyohei and Hibino wake up, and Kyohei has his hand down his pants, and of course that’s the first thing Hibino sees. The whole thing just made me roll my eyes. To be fair, though, my initial reaction to it on Twitter was admittedly stronger than the scene deserved; Hibino didn’t exactly shout, “ECCHI ECCHI” and start tossing shit at Kyohei. It’s definitely no Kyousuke falling on Kirino’s boob in OreImo, that’s for sure. And I get what the scene is going for — it’s establishing that the two of them aren’t used to a new, somewhat awkward living arrangement. It probably could have been done much worse, but it still comes off as silly and clunky to me. (But maybe that’s because I’m a guy, and that’s total Guy Behavior.)

And while I don’t want to rush to judgment, from the faint bits of budding romance between Kyohei and Hibino so far, I’m sensing this will be one of those anime relationships that does absolutely nothing for me. Now, this isn’t just an anime thing at all; I don’t really care for any tacked on relationship in fiction that does nothing for characters except create built in danger points. But Kyohei and Hibino really do nothing for me so far. I’m hoping that it doesn’t become a huge focus, or that if it does, the chemistry between them improves manyfold. If there’s going to be romance, at least let it have some spark to it!

For now, though, the stuff that intrigues me is piled higher than the stuff that frustrates me, so I’m still cool with the show right now. And I at least like the new character, Kuuko. It’s interesting hearing Miyuki Sawashiro in Uta no Prince-sama, because it’s definitely a different role for her, but this is the Sawashiro I prefer — a bit kooky, assertive and with some real bite to her. More Kuuko, please!

5 Responses to “God’s Dolls 2 – Intrigue with a Dash of Anime”

  1. I don’t think there’s any other way for Utao to have rescued them without seeing the scene through Kukuri’s eyes somehow. But maybe you can switch between seeing it through the doll’s eyes and just controlling it based on what you see if it’s up close?

    Ugh, I really feel like the Kyohei x Booby Lady romance is forced too. It doesn’t add anything to the story at all, and just wastes time that could be used explaining more important things. :/

    • I don’t think there’s much that needs to be explained yet; I’d rather the show build an interesting conflict. The flashbacks and whatnot are doing an adequate job of inferring everything we need to know, anyway.

  2. When Kyouhei had is hands down his pants, I was proper debating with my girlfriend on whether he had his hands down his pockets or down his pants, but given the scenes that came after, it makes more sense that it was down his pants.

    I really liked the second episode, though. As you said, it’s slowly putting together pieces of what happened back in the past which is grabbing my interest.

    • I thought pockets at first, too, but boxers with pockets aren’t that common, are they? I just figure it was a normal guy junk raid.

  3. Kuuko! I like her already seems to be a fun hyper character we need to see more of her. And I thought the sammmee thing when Kyouhei walked out of the bathroom like uhh? What? And I figured it was the hand down his boxers lolol probably forgot who’s house he was in maybe?

    I am interested in seeing more of Aki and Kyouhei’s past! All I can assume is maybe Kyouhei went crazy and killed some people, or Aki was the one who killed everyone? Either way someone had trouble fighting with their doll.

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