God’s Dolls 3 – Cake and Feuds

I think Blood-C sensed that I dropped it after its latest episode, so its vengeful spirit possessed this show during the first half of the episode. It is the only explanation I am willing to accept regarding all the boring waitressing and cake eating I had to sit through. Anyway, let’s just pretend the first half of this episode never happened even though I just wasted a screenshot and two sentences on it.

So in the 10-11 minutes this episode actually runs, a couple of new characters show up, and the two guys transporting Aki are killed in a flashback, but not before dropping some juicy exposition. Good of them to do that before being killed! But, yes, the plot thickens in the village area, because a couple of the families — the Hyugas and the Kugas — are not getting along so well. Who knows if this spat always existed or not, but it seems pretty clear that the mass slaughter in Kyohei and Aki’s past exasperated it. They likely grudgingly get along, but with different ideas on how to run the village, and that sort of thing that always pops up in these situations. You know how it is. Give them an opportunity to bring in a violent Kuga, and they are all smiles, though.

I don’t actually have too much else to say about this episode, though, because the pacing seems irritatingly slow through three episodes. If MAL is to be believed, then the show is going to be just one cour; doesn’t seem as if the show has much time to be dawdling with cake and whatnot, especially since, I think, the manga is ongoing, which would indicate an anime-original ending (in which something should get rolling soon), or some pseudo-ending that leaves off at a convenient point in the manga but doesn’t actually resolve anything. (aka the “PLEASE BUY THIS MANGA” ending)

Hopefully my girl Kuuko dragging Aki along without the two Hyugas seeing her (how is that even possible?) is the action that will get things moving. She’s curious about shit, and she’s brassy enough to question Aki, even if he will be an ungrateful dick and try to kill her or something. And then Kuuko will get Hibino involved, who will get Kyohei involved, who will scream “AKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” and then the new guys will get involved and try to kill stuff, and then we’ll have ourselves a show.

I hope.

7 Responses to “God’s Dolls 3 – Cake and Feuds”

  1. I’m hoping the anime is trying hard not to be the manga. I read the chapters corresponding to the first ep, and the best moments in the ep were the ones that were not copied from the manga. I know that Brains Base are capable of using source material as a springboard into something totally different and totally better. I have no hopes for this show being anywhere near as good as Kure-nai (whose source material is apparently total shit, going by the OVA and plot summaries), but I do hope the show is it’s own entity to some extent.

    • I hope this happens, as well. I do think the show at least some potential, and it would be frustrating to see it squandered, especially by such a good studio.

  2. I don’t think Utao has really thought the whole cake thing through, I mean Hibino was the cake tester before her and look at where all that “excess” weight went. Since Kyohei is an oppai fan, this could be her one chance to permanently wrest control of her brother’s attention away from that busty Hibino. Embrace the cake, Utao, the melonpan is not a lie.

    Also, moar Kuuko plz.

    • I dunno, if that thought went into her mind, she would probably overindulge until she became like one of the girls in Eiken. Yikes.

      And, yes, moar Kuuko plz.

  3. Mad Chemist Says:

    The comedy and mystery elements really are being juggled as awkwardly as I feared, it seems. I’m still watching, but I am somewhat worried that the cake eating was seen as more important than that big fight between Aki and the Hyugas at the end that we could only see bits and pieces of during the ED. Priorities, guys!

    • I would be slightly less worried if the comedy did anything for me at all, but nope. I’d rather have the action and intrigue.

  4. I gotta say, I couldn’t help but enjoy the whole episode. My favorite thing about this show is the facial art and animation, which hearken back to Evangelion in the best ways. It’s true especially for Utao, who I find adorable, and who had a whole smorgasbord of expressions for this ep. The character art seems to be a bit more consistent now, too, though they still can’t get that one bitch’s tits right.

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