God’s Dolls 4 – Aki’s Credibility as a Villain Is Waning

Aside from the different hairstyles, different hair colors, chest that is roughly half the size of Hibino’s . . . ignoring all that, then yeah, they’re basically the same.

This is a very jarring episode, starting off with the drama, then leaping into comedy and then dropping a couple of drama bombs at the end. I enjoyed all the stuff with Kuuko being an utter nutjob, but it’s tough to take Aki seriously as a villain after all that, even though he escaped without much trouble. But he’s also getting his ass kicked by other villains and whatnot, as well . . . I was kind of leaning this way before this episode, but I doubt Aki ends up being the big bad villain in this series. There’s gotta be someone higher up who’s the real bastard in the village, and Aki and Kyohei will both be against him or her, except of course Aki is doing his thing through dickhead means. White-haired man can’t go about his business like a decent fellow, right?

Although I did poke a bit of fun at the sensei scene, I did like Kyohei wailing away at Aki. It’s rare that you see heroes in anime give in to such primal rage, so there’s obviously some real shit going down there. Clearly she’s no longer of this world, and if she didn’t get blown away in that traumatic event from the past that the series loves showing us, then I just don’t know what the fuck. And for extra drama, I bet Kyohei accidentally killed her, which gives Aki juice for his “lol Kyohei is the same as me lol” needling, even though punching a guy is a few levels below murder. Maybe that’s how Aki punches people when he is not getting his ass kicked or getting jabbed with a taser.

Other drama bomb is this little fellow who is, I suppose, Utao’s evil twin who was sequestered from society for some reason like Bart’s evil twin in that one “Treehouse of Horrors” episode of The Simpsons. (I somehow doubt, though, that our new friend will actually be the good twin.) His existence is essentially more proof that something is rotten back in the village; you don’t hide a kid for years unless there’s a reason for the hiding. And the reason: This twin is PURE EVIL. Just kidding, I have no idea. But he’s certainly powerful enough, though admittedly it doesn’t take much to knock Utao on her ass and make her doll blast away like Team Rocket.

It was kind of interesting that when Kyohei considered who else could have come after him and Utao, he considered that another Kuga could come after him, even though he obviously didn’t know of the existence of our new friend. I wonder who he thought would have come after them: His mother or father? Doubtful, since they let him go and all. Who else do these folks have up their sleeves? Maybe Kyohei has an evil twin, too . . . or maybe Aki is his white-haired evil twin, and he just does not know it yet! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

*obligatory joke about PA Works and JC Staff guest animating this portion of the episode here*


5 Responses to “God’s Dolls 4 – Aki’s Credibility as a Villain Is Waning”

  1. One thing I liked about Mr Main Character losing it like he did is it showed how so many of the characters in this series are just a little big unhinged. While the folks from the village are obviously a bit on the crazy side, so was the paranormal girl when she had her big rant in front of Aki, even when her life was seriously in danger

    Also boobs

  2. Aki doesn’t seem to be winning the best bad guy award anytime soon! He could have easily escaped Kuuko! Maybe he wanted to see how far she would go? Still failing there Aki! You could have killed her!

    It was cool to see the other Utao finally show! I wonder if were dealing with copies? Alternate versions? or something like that I keep thinking Aki is the “darker” side of Kyouhei!? Either way not the best episode but still entertaining xD

    Finally some doll on doll fighting…well…if you call running into each other fighting >.> and damn they tried to avoid the usual derp I will walk in on two girls showering, but they were like fk it let’s do it. LOL So classy xD

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